Hellbound Hearts Overall Review

Hellbound Hearts is finally over and all the stories have been reviewed. So what did I think about the overall package? Read on to find out…

Hellbound Hearts had some really great tales, but it also had some real stinkers. Which is understandable, because Hellraiser is a vast well of mythology and different people can take what they see in it and run wild and I may not like it, but that doesn’t mean you won’t.

Here is a link for each review, along with the rating:

Prisoners of the Inferno –   3.75/5
The Cold –   2/5
Confessor’s Tale –   4.5/5

Hellbound Hollywood –   2/5
Mechanisms –   4/5
Every Wrong Turn –   4/5
The Collector –   5/5
Bulimia –   0/5
Orfeo the Damned –   5/5
Our Lord of Quarters –   4/5
Wordsworth –   2.5/5
A Little Piece of Hell –   5/5
The Dark Materials Project –   5/5
Demon’s Design –   4/5
Only the Blind Survive –   2.5/5
Mother’s Ruin –   5/5
Sister Cilice –   4.5/5
Santos del Infierno –   4/5
The Promise –   3.5/5
However … –   4/5
‘Tis Pity He’s Ashore –   1.5/5

As you can see above, the Hellbound Hearts collection was greater than it’s weaknesses, with some frightening and imaginative stories, that harken back to the good ol’ Hellraiser days. This is truly one where the good outweighes the bad and you shouldn’t let a few spoiled apples ruin the bunch. Pick up Hellbound Hearts and give it a read and I think you’ll agree, it’s worth it.

Rating: 4/5

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