Hellbound Hearts: Wordsworth Short Story Review

Short Story: “Wordsworth”

“Wordsworth” is a departure from the other stories in the Hellbound Hearts collection as it’s more of a comic book than novel, but does that make it better or worse? Find out by reading on…

The story of “Wordsworth” is about a man named, you guessed it, Wordsworth. He enjoys the daily puzzle in the newspaper, but after being too good at solving them, he meets a man on a train, who gives him a new puzzle to solve. The only catch with this new puzzle, is it requires filling in the words with memories of past awful deeds, or requires him to do heinous acts to figure out the clues.

“Wordsworth” comes to us from the minds and hands of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. The artwork in this story is chaotic and a jumbled mess. It was hard to read the writing, with various lines of text in white font on a white background. I personally wasn’t a fan of the artwork, as I couldn’t tell what was going on in the photos. As for the story, it’s basic, all to familiar and made me feel like I’ve read this one already. I thought the ending was interesting though and it made up for some of the faults.

“Wordsworth” was short and not so sweet. The story told is not the best and the artwork is confusing, but it certainly isn’t the worse of the bunch. A slight feeling of déjà vu might creep in while reading, but the ending satisfies your blood lust for some Hellraiser.  Overall this was just an okay read.

Rating: 2.5/5

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