Hellbound Hearts: Only the Blind Survive Short Story Review

Short Story: “Only the Blind Survive”

Once again in Hellbound Hearts, we are treated to a story that has only the smallest inkling of being connected with the Hellraiser universe. That’s not to say “Only the Blind Survive” is a bad story, it’s just something that you wouldn’t expect in a Hellraiser short story collection (like most stories in this book). Read on for the rest of the review…

The story “Only the Blind Survive”, is about a young native named Wikvaya, who comes upon a sand painting that is really a gateway to Hell. He rushes back to tell the leaders of the village and they all prepare for the worst, by covering the eyes of anyone in the village who won’t be fighting the demon. From past stories, they know that a demon will emerge from the gateway and wreck havoc on anyone who isn’t blindfolded. Wikvaya is about to get married and his soon to be wife, in frustration of waiting, removes her blindfold. Little does she know, the demon is in the same room as her. What transpires is an all out battle of good vs evil.

As you can see, it isn’t very much Hellraiser, but in a way, you can see how it might relate with references to, gateways to hell and a demon who’s design is very much inspired by the concept of pain is pleasure. Overall, I enjoyed the story, but felt like I didn’t enjoy it as much, due to it being in a book about Hellraiser.

Rating: 2.5/5 

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