Hellbound Hearts: The Collector Short Story Review

Short Story: “The Collector”

At last, a true Hellraiser story and one that delivered immensely. “The Collector” was short and sweet, but offered up an interesting tale. Let’s solve a puzzle by reading on…

“The Collector” by Kelley Armstrong is through and through a Hellraiser experience. The story is about an expert puzzle solver, who after winning a contest on a website, disembarks on a journey that could potentially leave her skinless. However, what happens next is not what you think and you’ll truly be left with a devilish smile on your face after the last page is turned. Honestly, this is a story that deserves to be read without any spoilers. All you need to know, is that each page is stained with the gory delights that is Hellraiser.

Kelley Armstrong adds to the mythology and never takes away from it. She provides an A+ story and so far this is the best one yet in the Hellbound Hearts collection. The next story has a lot to live up to…

Rating: 5/5   

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Travis J. Gates
Travis J. Gates
10 years ago

This story was a great twist on the standard Cenobite tale. My only complaint is that the dialogue was terrible between the Collector and the old lady. 4/5

Michael Tatlock
10 years ago

I can't remember the dialogue too much, but I guess based on my review, it didn't bother me. What a great short story and I'm glad to see you liked it.

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