Hellbound Hearts: Santos del Infierno

Short Story: “Santos Del Inferno”

Once again, another interesting, but familiar tale in the Hellbound Hearts. I do have to say, this collection of stories is starting to get really good. It’s a shame that it’s almost over. “Santos del Infierno”, is a nice little Hellraiser tale with a quickly paced plot and satisfying conclusion. Read on for the rest of the review…

The story involves Ron Marks, a man who lost his wife and child to a driver who just wasn’t paying enough attention to the road. After spiralling into depression for a year, the driver (Lenny) shows up at his door and begs to be forgiven. Before you know it, they are living together and things are starting to look up. However, as with most Hellraiser stories, Lenny tells Ron about the Cenobites, Hell and how it’s full of delights and wonders. This time the puzzle involves collecting several grotesquely provocative statues and piecing them together. I really don’t need to go on, as I’m sure you can guess how the story ends.

“Santos del Infierno” by Jeffery J. Mariotte, was interesting enough to not seem like the same ol’ same. Oh, it certainly has all the beats down and you can pretty much guess how the story is going to end, but the journey is interesting enough, you don’t care. I enjoyed this story and rate it just highly as some other stories in this book.

Rating: 4/5

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