Hellbound Hearts: Hellbound Hollywood Short Story Review

Short Story: “Hellbound Hollywood”

“Hellbound Hollywood” is vulgar and over the top with it’s sexually charged overtones. You may think I’m crazy for thinking that anything Clive Barker or Hellraiser could be too vulgar, but somehow Mick Garris was able to do just that. Let’s feel dirty together by reading the rest of the review…

The story of “Hellbound Hollywood” deals with James, a british director who is shooting a low budget horror film in London, at a very familiar place to any Hellraiser fan, the original house in Hellraiser. I’ll be honest, I thought at first it was cool, but once I read on, I thought it was a wasted opportunity and unnecessary to the story. Anyway, continuing on with the summary, James explores the house for a bit and eventually mysteriously blacks out and wakes up in a room upstairs, where he meets an extremely disgusting Cenobite.

I’ll stop right here with the summary. All you need to know is that Mick Garris injects an insane amount of disturbing descriptions, which honestly I felt wasn’t needed. Garris seemed to be trying to hard to shock ‘n awe and it just didn’t work for me. I felt that if the sexuality was toned back a little and the juvenile writing was cleaned up, we could’ve had a solid story on our hands. Instead, we get yet another lacking story in Hellbound Hearts.

Rating: 2/5

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