Hellbound Hearts: Bulimia Short Story Review

Short Story: “Bulimia”

Well now, this short and I mean short (2 pages long) story was a hot mess…

“Bulimia” by Richard Christian Matheson deals with a woman throwing up in a toilet.

That’s it folks, that’s the story. I’m sure if you look past writing which looks to have been inspired by grade school children, you could potentially see some sort of Hellraiseresque qualities; a woman living with a constant hell, but honestly I just don’t care. “Bulimia” blows (no pun intended). Hellbound Hearts why must you trick me into thinking you’re going to be awesome?

Rating: 0/5

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Henry McNally
Henry McNally
10 years ago

Agreed so stupid …so un hellbound hearty

Michael Tatlock
10 years ago

Thanks for commenting and I'm glad you agree.

What was one of your favorites in the Hellbound Hearts collection? Mind was probably Orfeo the Damned.

Travis J. Gates
Travis J. Gates
10 years ago

What a waste of two pages. It belongs in a women's magazine.

Michael Tatlock
10 years ago

Haha, I so agree. Horrible idea for a Hellraiser story.

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