Hellbound Hearts: Mother’s Ruin Short Story Review

Short Story: “Mother’s Ruin”

Another story and thankfully another great tale that grips the mythology of Hellraiser by the throat and strangles it, in a good way. “Mother’s Ruin” by Mark Morris, is a fast read with a really awesome ending. Read on for the review…

The story involves Elliott, a fairly overweight man who works in a library. One day, two strange grotesque people show up and return some really old books. Inside one of the books, is a card that displays a pretty nasty photo and a website address. Elliot decides to check out the website and is treated to several “erotic” photos of torture, mixed with sexuality, eventually ending with a physical address. These pictures excite Elliot, as he can never quite seem to satisfy his dark and dirty needs. So he decides to check out the address and unfortunately, realizes what limits it will take for him to be satisfied.

“Mother’s Ruin”is a top notch story, with an excellent ending. The Hellraiser themes run deep through the pages and the imagery of the torture that Elliot must endure, are grotesque, yet perfectly capture Clive Barker’s idea of pain and pleasure, indivisible. I definitely rate “Mother’s Ruin” highly and it will be one story that I will gladly read again.

Rating: 5/5

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