One Year Anniversary!

Today’s a special day, as it’s the one year anniversary of From the Mind of Tatlock. It’s been an exciting year, with lots of reviews, having just recently hit over a 100 movie reviews. I will admit that I’ve been slacking on the video game reviews and to some extent the book reviews. My desire to play video games seems to come in go in waves and right now, with the nice weather, I don’t really feel like sitting down and playing hours and hours of video games. Don’t worry though, as I’m sure that will change in no time and I’ll be beating a bunch of games and reviewing them.

A lot of stuff has happened during the year, I went to Summer Fear 2012 in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia and met Kane Hodder and Gunnar Hansen. I had a blast getting chocked out by Jason Voorhees and meeting a lot of like minded people. If you want to know more about what went on, you can check out my article about it. Also, don’t forget that Summer Fear 2013 is coming up on August 10th and Felissa Rose from Sleepaway Camp will be attending. I’m sure it will be another blast!

Shortly after Summer Fear, I headed down to Halifax, Nova Scotia and met a bunch of the cast of Saw. Costas Mandylor was there, but sadly the true Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell wasn’t. Once again, I wrote a few entries about my Halifax movie extravaganza and you can check them out here and here.

Just a few months ago, I reviewed the young adult book, Friday the 13th: Mother’s Day and I decided to let the author, William Pattison know that I loved it. He thanked me and offered me an opportunity to do an interview for his podcast, in interview of me! I was honored and of course said yes. The interview isn’t until late July, but when the time comes, you can look forward to me discussing the sites and anything else that comes to mind. So, look forward to that near the end of July.

I’ve also been dividing my time between this site and my sister site, From the Basement of Tatlock, which will have it’s one year coming up soon, as well. I know there are sometimes where the content isn’t flying, but everyone has to understand that this is a one man job, well two if you count my wife helping me with grammar. From the Mind of Tatlock has gone through a few different looks throughout the year and just recently, I’ve settled on what you see in front of you right now, which I hope you enjoy. I’m slowly adding to it and changing a few things and if anyone has any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

For anyone that uses Facebook (is there anyone out there who doesn’t?), I have a Facebook page set up, where anytime I post something on my site, it gets updated there as well. I also have a few random comments sometimes, that I’m sure will enlighten you.

The biggest challenge with running this site, besides keeping it up to date with content, is getting the viewership. It’s been hard and I’m currently not getting as many hits as I would like, but I’m hoping that over time, people will start to notice my site more and decide to keep coming back and maybe even comment on a few entries. My goal is to be genuine with my reviews and articles and have a comfortable place where anyone is welcome. I hope this new year and many more to come, will see a growth in viewers and I look forward to meeting new friends and reviewing a lot more content. Here’s to many more years on From the Mind of Tatlock.

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