Movie Extravaganza Trip Part I – Saw Cast Meet & Greet

                                    I wanna play a game… 

On August 14th, the Saw themed cruise ship made port in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In honour of this stop, the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market was host to five of the cast members from the Saw films, the new Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Masscare 3D and finally, Billy the Puppet. Lets play a game by reading on…

I previously won some VIP passes on the Halifax Seaport twitter page to meet the stars one on one, so when we arrived, we signed in and after a several minutes (cruise ship was late arriving), we were moved upstairs to the VIP lounge. My friend and I and several other VIP winners sat anxiously awaiting the arrival of the stars. Eventually they showed up and they all greeted us nicely with some handshakes and small talk. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that new Leatherface, Dan Yeager, was a very down to earth and pleasant man to talk to. Standing over six feet tall, he’ll definitely be able to take over the reins from Gunnar Hansen. He was even nice enough to show us a few set photos from the new film.

I was a little disappointed with the VIP setting, as we barely got time to take photos with the actors.  We did manage to get most of them in the short time, except for one (more on that later).

After being rushed out the VIP room, the actors immediately sat down behind their tables and started autographing and taking photos.
People are slowly showing up. It got quite a bit more busy later on. 

Unfortunately, the asking price for autographs was very steep ($30 to $40 range), so I could only afford to get Dan Yeager and Costas Mandylor’s (Mark Hoffman, Saw III – 3D) autograph. Both were extremely nice to deal with.

Costas Mandylor had the biggest lineup, which is expected, seeing how he was in more of the Saw films than anyone else besides Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell.  So we waited in a line for a good 10 minutes, but once we did meet up with him, he was great. He acknowledged that it wasn’t him that made up the price for the autographs, it’s more the “agents”. (I’m sure that’s what he says to all the ladies.)

One experience which nearly tarnished it for me was speaking with actor Ned Bellamy (drill chair victim, Saw). We didn’t get a chance to have a photo with him in the VIP lounge, so we waited in line for a few minutes to do just that. After the person ahead of us got a photo taken, we stepped up and he asked us if we wanted anything signed. I said no, but asked if a photo was okay. He told me that he has to stop doing them for free, as it isn’t fair for the cruise passengers. This is moments after taking a photo with a fan for free. I personally thought it was rude and walked away, but not without taking a photo from far away!

My buddy Ned and I.
Nick & Ned

Next on the list was Mark Rolston. I’ve previously met Mark in Hollywood at an Aliens/Terminator showing (I’ll come back to this in a later entry). I decided to get another photo with him and he was more than happy to.

Now for some victims of Jigsaw. First up was Anne Lee Greene. She played the cheating girlfriend Dina, at the beginning of Saw 3D who gets sawed in half.  She was very pleasant to speak to and also extremely attractive.

One word. Hot.
                          An extremely attractive person. She’s not bad either.

The next victim was Rebecca Marshall who played Suzanne, Sean Patrick Flanery’s lawyer in Saw 3D. Another beautiful lady with a great personality.

                   Rebecca, seen here without spikes in her eyes and mouth. 
Looking very stylish.

Last, but certainly not least was Billy the Puppet. Although disappointed that he wasn’t on his tricycle, it was still really cool to get a photo with the little guy.

After the event winded down, one of the Saw coordinators called us over and started pulling out several props from the movie. This was really nice of him to do, but part of me thinks these should’ve been out the entire time so other people could see them. 
                                 Agent Strahm’s severed hand.
                                    Dr. Gordon’s envelope from Saw 3D.
                                    Blood soaked bathroom tile.     
                                             Billy’s bowtie.               

Overall I had a great time at this event. My few complaints being that a QA session was cancelled and in its place, was a short talk with Costas that was over before it started. The VIP treatment left a lot to be desired. I felt rushed and wasn’t given the adequate time needed to talk with the actors and take photos. Also, a better setup in atmosphere would of been nice (signs, more props, etc). These are small complaints though and things that can be worked on for next year.
I want to thank Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market for hosting this event and hope that next year (rumor is that it’s going to be Texas Chainsaw Massacre themed) is even bigger and better.
Now for a bunch more photos! (Click to enlarge.)

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11 years ago

Hey man how did the photos look from the Chainsaw set will this movie be good? lionsgate has not releashed any photos yet

11 years ago

cool thanks bro. do you think it will be scary

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