Movie Extravaganza Trip Part II – Movie Props & Costumes

After enjoying the Saw Cast Meet & Greet, my friend and I decided to head over to the Halifax Museum of Natural History, where it was hosting a collection of costumes and props from film and television.  Titled “Out of this World”, showing several costumes and props from Star Wars, Star Trek, Terminator and other great sci-fi shows, it was a no brainer… Fair warning, a lot of photos coming up!

T-1000 shirt (bullet damaged) and pointed hand (Terminator 2). 

Bullet shots. They look to be made of foam. 

The Terminator Jacket (Police Assault, The Terminator).

Indy’s Jacket, whip, grail and headpiece from Staff of Ra (Indiana Jones).

Headpiece from Staff of Ra.
Various Indiana Jones collectibles.

Batman’s suit (Batman & Robin).

Joel Schumacher, what were you thinking? That nipple needs hair!

60’s Robin costume (Batman).
Jim Carrey’s Riddler outfit (Batman Forever).

Join the dark side! Vader’s stunt helmet and original robe and cape (Star Wars).

Luke’s X-Wing flight outfit (Star Wars). 

Imperial Uniform (Star Wars).

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s robe (A New Hope).

Luke’s severed hand (The Empire Strikes Back).

Captain Picard’s uniform (Star Trek). 

Federation engineer’s jumpsuit (Star Trek II).

Uniform worn by Jolene Blalock as T’Pol (Star Trek: Enterprise).

Mask, tunic and gloves (the Gorn, Star Trek).

Captain Kirk’s stylish tunic and sash (Star Trek).

Jeri Ryan’s “Seven of Nine” tight fitting suit (Star Trek).

Klingon warrior uniform (Star Trek).

Tara of Helium fan costume and scale mock up (The Chessman of Mars).

Costume worn by Darryl Hannah’s character Pris (Blade Runner).

Embroidered robe worn by Joe Turkel’s character Eldon Tyrell (Blade Runner).

Program “elder” costume (Tron).

Wicked Witch’s hat (The Wizard of Oz). 

Crewman’s tunic (Forbidden Planet).

Jumpsuit, proton pack and utility belt worn by Dan Ackroyd (Ghostbusters II).

Mask worn by Louis Gossett, Jr. (Enemy Mine).

Connor MacLeod’s costume (The Highlander).

As you can see, the setup at the museum wasn’t gigantic, but it was still really cool to see several costumes and a few props from some of my favourite sci-fi movies. Plus, with it only costing $6 to get in, it was more than worth it.

Photos are a mix of mine and my friend,

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