Doghouse Movie Review

Release: 2009, Rating: NR, Run time: 89 min.

Here I was saying there wasn’t many funny zombie movies out there in my Aaah! Zombies!! movie review and then Netflix recommends I check out Doghouse. Boy, am I glad I did, cause I loved it! It was funny, gory and has a fun 80s horror vibe throughout. If that piqued your interest, read on for more…

Short nitty-gritty plot description from IMDb is as follows: A group of men head to a remote village to help one of their friends get
over his divorce; when they get there, though, they discover that all
the women have been infected with a virus that makes them man-hating

The guys getting the excitement they didn’t ask for.

Okay, I said in my intro that Doghouse is a funny zombie movie, but I’m kinda stretching the truth a little, as the movie’s creatures aren’t really zombies per say and are more just weird infected… well, creatures. They will munch down on flesh and tear you apart, but they are so weird looking and go through different phases, that I wouldn’t really classify them as a straight zombie. So, with that out of the way, what is the movie about.

Matt (Lee Ingleby) and Vince (Stephen Graham) improvising with water guns.

Doghouse follows a group of friends, Niel, Mikey, Graham, Matt and Patrick, as they console a fellow friend, Vince, who is going through a rough divorce. The plan is to go on a road trip to the small town of Moodley, where the women outnumber the men and get drunk, get laid and just forget their troubles. They arrive in Moodley and find out that Mikey, the one who planned the trip and who was originally from this town, was fibbing a little on the size and excitement of the place. Thankfully for us and not so much for our friends, the town has been infected with a virus and all the women are ravenous creatures, who will stop at nothing to tear you apart!

The Snipper (Emily Booth) will do more than cut your hair!

Doghouse has a lot of positives in my useless opinion. It was pretty damn funny, the guys are pretty dumb, but I enjoyed them all and didn’t find any of the actor’s annoying. Well, the character of Neil, was a little grating at first, but he grew on me. The other big positive is the creature effects. The women monsters are all unique and memorable. They brandish weapons and snarl, vomit and just spew grossness. It’s awesome! The movie also has some lovely gore and doesn’t shy away from showing the guts.

The Bride (Victoria Hopkins) is late for her wedding. She’s too busy chowing down on body parts!

Now, things aren’t all sunshine and lollypops unfortunately. The movie misses it’s mark a few times with the story. The movie hints at something terrible in the woods and the guy’s shouldn’t go in them. So, I figured they would at least once walk into them and we would get a giant hoard of creature women chasing them, but sadly, the movie never moves away from this small town. Yes, the town does vary enough that you are never bored of the surroundings, but I still would’ve liked to wander in those woods and see the horror. Finally, the movie doesn’t really explain much and leaves a lot of plot threads just hanging. Before you know it, the movie’s credits are rolling and your left with several questions unanswered.

Neil (Danny Dyer) getting a little frisky with one of the creatures.

All negatives aside, Doghouse is a riot, filled with gore, humor and buxom zombie/creature ladies. This is one doghouse I wouldn’t mind being in. It doesn’t slow down and always left me entertained. I’m a little disappointed in a few questions left open, but that doesn’t stop me from highly recommending any horror fan to check it out.


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