Chop 10: Saw Traps

In honour of my meet & greet with the Saw Cast, I thought it would be fit to make the next Chop 10 Saw related. So without further ado, the Chop 10: Saw Traps! The Saw series is loaded with different traps, so this list isn’t the end all be all. If you have a different opinion, make your choice below in the comments.

Spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned…

10: Around and around you go… (The Carousel Trap, Saw VI)

This trap was comprised of a carousel, shotgun and a button to decide who lives and who dies…

9: This trap will keep you glued to your seat! (The Horsepower Trap, Saw 3D)

A trap that involved a tire to the face, a glued back and a car though the chest…

8: Blow off some steam (The Steam Room Trap, Saw VI)

A trap that required directions, a hidden key and a pipe through the head…

7: Tip the scales (A Pound of Flesh, Saw VI)

A fight against time which consisted of cutting off your arm, flesh and a few screws through the brain…

6: Blood, it’s in you to give (The 10 Pints of Blood Trap, Saw V)

Filling up a bucket with 10 pints of blood requires you sticking your hand into a saw, ouch…

5: A slight kink in your legs, arms and neck… (The Rack, Saw III)

Twisting, it just keeps twisting…

4: I’m hot blooded! (Flammable Jelly, Saw)

A man covered in flammable jelly and the only light source is a lighter…

3: Jigsaw’s stance against cheating (Public Execution Trap, Saw 3D)

Two men and a cheating hussy, buzz kill…

2: The key to this trap, more than meets the eye (Venus Fly Trap, Saw II)

Could you cut into your own eye to save your life?

1: Jaw dropping (Reverse Bear Trap, Saw)

The infamous trap…

Honorable mentions:

Two guys and a “dead” body (Bathroom Trap, Saw)

I’m on pins and needles (Needle Pit, Saw II)

Well, that’s not fair (The Angel Trap, Saw III)

A close shave (The Scalping Seat, Saw IV) 

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11 years ago


Michael Tatlock
Michael Tatlock
11 years ago

Thanks for checking out my site and leaving a comment. Be it constructive critism or not, I appreciate all visitors.

11 years ago

i agree with all of these, the reverse bear trap is the best

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