WTF! – Movie Review

Slasher films more often than not come and go. They pass before your eyes, you watch, you stop, and you rinse and repeat. It takes a certain something, something to have a slasher flick stick with you for the long haul. That reason alone is why it’s so damn difficult to make a slasher stand out among the vast amount of other slashers out there. WTF!, a small low budget film from Peter Herro tries its darndest to be one of those films that you’ll remember, and you know what, even with a few issues faulting it, the flick works rather well to make you remember it long after the credits roll.

WTF! features a plot we all have seen before. A group of college brats go out to the middle of the woods to spend time drinking, smoking and screwing. What makes WTF! different from the countless other films of its kind is the fact that one of the girls, Rachel (Callie Ott), survived a previous massacre and hoping to get on with her life, agrees to tag along. Of course, it isn’t long before the blood starts flying.

Blood, that and gore is what makes WTF! so much fun. The film has a fun time ramping up the gore with each new kill, not skimping on the blood-soaked details. The special effects the crew were able to muster up are surprisingly well done. One kill, in particular, involving fire, even with a bit of shoddy CGI, was pretty gnarly.

WTF! isn’t without its faults, though. The acting can be stilted at times, and the characters will have you rooting for them to be systematically slaughtered instead of cheering them on to survive. Maybe that is my cranky old self blossoming into fruition, but damn, do kids act like this nowadays? There also is a few twists and turns that will most likely be figured out long before the reveals are shown. Not so much a fault of the film, but the fact that I had seen films do this several times before, so it was rather easy to figure out. Nevertheless, it still played out pretty intelligently. One thing is for sure; it makes you want to watch the movie again.

What more can I say, I enjoyed WTF! for many reasons. It features bits of nudity, gorgeous women, some righteous gore and a fun story worth checking out more than once. Did I want the annoying characters to die horrifically? Yes, and that is exactly what I got.

I hear there is a potential sequel on the way, which I am looking forward to watching when it comes out. Be sure to check out WTF! if you’re a slasher fan. It might just surprise you.

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