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This is the worst part of what I do on this website; reviewing a terrible movie (sorry Anchor Bay Canada, but this DVD, which was provided for review, is not worth the cost). I know that a lot of hard work goes into making a movie and I always feel bad when I say something bad about someone else’s work, but when you happen upon a movie like Wrecker, you can’t help but just want to blast it a new asshole. It’s a freaking awful flick and one where the director/writer has the balls to call original!! Umm, hello! You ever hear of Duel before? Anyway, let’s see if I can get through this review alive, but fair warning, there will be spoilers as I don’t feel like tippy-toeing around trying to save all the plot details for you. For anyone that doesn’t want it spoiled, here’s a quick recap for you. Two hot chicks drive a fast car poorly, whilst a tow truck driver acts like every other idiot on the road and starts to terrorize them. Lots of screaming and poor decisions later, the credits roll. There, I saved you from having to watch it.


Wrecker tells the story of best friends Emily (Anna Hutchison of The Cabin in the Woods) and Lesley (Andrea Whitburn of Lonesome Dove Church) who take a road trip to a music festival in the desert. When Emily makes a decision to turn off the busy highway and onto a lone, desert road, all hell breaks loose. They soon find themselves the target of a relentless tow truck that forces them into a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Harrowing escapes, deadly situations and near captures, turning their road trip in to a living, breathing nightmare.

Wrecker Anna



Wrecker starts off wasting your time by introducing us to two really hot ladies (Anna Hutchison and Andrea Whitburn) driving on some lonely road on their way to get laid. They decide to take a road called Devil’s Pass, and they eventually meet up with a tow truck driving slowly. They pass the truck, and then the truck passes them and finally, they pass the truck again while giving him the finger. Evil tow truck driver (you know he is evil, cause he has an upside down cross on his rearview mirror) proceeds to drive behind them or in front of them slowly and eventually one of the friends disappears after the two try to fix a flat tire incorrectly (you are tightening the bolt, not loosening it, that’s why it won’t come off you beautiful blonde dummy) and eventually get scared by the truck and run off into a field. While running through a, one of the two girls trip (of course) and gets knocked out. The girl eventually wakes up to her friend missing and goes after the tow truck. She meets a cop, where she ends up with a gun, a gun she never uses, and finally, has a game of chicken with the truck and “wins”. Cue some terrible CGI where the truck falls 10 feet off the side of a mountain, and the friend drives off, still dumb as the day we met her. Oh, if you’re wondering what happened to the friend, the actress quit half way through filming and ends up dead in a trunk… I presume. Ugh, this movie blows.

Wrecker Truck

Besides a plot that is ripping off a much better movie, the flick has numerous issues unrelated to just the story. There are so many continuity problems; I lost count. The same stretch of road is used over and over again; it seems the filmmakers didn’t care if we saw the same buildings several times. Also, if Anna Hutchison character can get any dumber, she would constantly be drooling (thankfully I’m the only one drooling here. What? She’s hot). I could go on, but I won’t.


Honestly, I don’t want to talk about Wrecker anymore. It’s all around atrocious. It looks poorly done, it plays incredibly slow, and it feeds on your soul. Leave this flick on the roadside dead.


Because the movie is terrible and this review is short, I decided to post a few more pictures of the ladies, but mainly Anna Hutchison, cause you know, hot blonde.

Wrecker Pic 01


Wrecker Pic 02


Wrecker Pic 03
Wrecker Pic 04


Wrecker Pic 05


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Namayra Irawet
Namayra Irawet
2 years ago

Honestly, your review is what is “freaking awful”. I enjoyed the movie, it’s good for a Saturday modestly-scary evening.
You wrote this review as if you don’t know how to write one. I’m sorry for being blunt. Like, ‘blast it a new asshole’? Seriously? That’s your idea of a review?

Anyway, hope you do better. Also, don’t easily trust IMDB trivia, i don’t think Leslie quit production. There’s no evidence of it. She was also a nobody, so she would never leave her slightly bigger role.

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