The Woman in Black Book Review

I’m going to be honest here and tell you that I knew nothing of this novel
until I saw the preview for the new movie ‘The Woman in Black’ starring Daniel
Radcliffe.  I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the trailer showed a very
Gothic brooding story and once I found out it was based on a book, I just had to
find and read it.

So I did, hence the review that’s about to follow.  Also, it’s my first ever review, so it will probably suck.  Deal with it.

The straight to the point plot for this novel, is that it’s about a London
solicitor named Arthur Kipps, who is sent to a small town by the name of
Crythin Gifford to settle the affairs of the recently deceased Mrs. Alice
Drablow.  Unfortunately for Mr Kipps, Mrs. Drablow lived in the Eel Marsh
House.  The house is situated on an island, which is only accessible via the Nine Lives Causeway when the tide is out.  Oh yeah, Eel House is also haunted.  I should also tell you a dog gets involved and trust
me, it only gets scarier from there.
See, straight to the point plot analysis.  You don’t get any spoilers from me.

The way I look at “scary” books, is they won’t do jack to scare you, unless you get completely wrapped up in the story.  Thankfully, Susan
Hill’s writing is so easy to follow, that I more than once had some hair raising
goosebumping nights while reading this book.  The thing is, this isn’t some
gory jump scare novel.  Your mind is constantly filling in what Susan Hill cleverly
leaves out: a bump in the night, a feeling like someone walked passed you, or the
low growl of a dog that senses something on the other side of the door. 
All these things are basic, but once your mind takes a hold of them, you start
imagining what that terrifying thing is on the other side of that locked
door.  Maybe it’s nothing, or just maybe it’s a giant killer clown.*  I’ll let you
find out for yourself.

Conclusion time!  A cleverly crafted creepy quick read.  I highly recommend it!

* It’s not a killer clown.  Sorry to all killer clown lovers, by getting your hopes up.


Now on to The Small Hand
Wish me luck.                         

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