Witcher 2. Why must I waste my money on whores?

I’m pretty far into Witcher 2 now and so far I’m loving the experience. I’m managed to sex up a few elven women and a succubus with some hairy hoofed legs.  It was pretty damn special if I must say so.

Besides the copious amounts of sex and boobs, I’m really enjoying the story and how it branches depending on the choices you make.  You can tell the game would play out completely different, if I changed a few of my choices and that’s really cool.

But as the topic says, why must I waste my money on whores?  Later on in the game, you have a few choices to make and one involves a sneaking route and the other involves some ladies of the night.  Of course I’m going to go the ploughing several women route.  The only problem is, after sleeping with the likes of Big Busty Bertha (maybe not her name) and Licking Lucy (very much her name) I now have no money to continue on with the quest. Looks like I’ll have to sell some stuff off, or do the sneaking route.  But knowing me, I’ll spend whatever money I have remaining on another romp with Big Busty Bertha. 

Hmmm…BBB here I come.

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