We Bought a Zoo Movie Review

Before I begin this review, I want to describe a situation I’m sure all couples have experienced, at least once in their relationship.  Your significant other comes to you and says, “Hey Muffin!  Let’s watch “insert random movie title,” I hear it’s great!”  You say, “shut up, woman/man!”  That’s that, you refuse to watch the movie.  It’s just not your “type” of film.  Next day, you bump into someone, doesn’t matter who, could be your best friend, mailman, milkman or that homeless man that keeps threatening you with a spoon.  You casually mention that your “significant other” suggested such and such a movie and you balked at the idea of watching it.  Your friend then proceeds to tell you, “that movie is great!  You should watch it!”  You reply, “yeah maybe you’re right!”

See, I’m going to stop right here and give a big ol’ warning.  Do not, I repeat do not, tell your significant other that you want to watch the film cause a friend said it was good, after he or she already suggested it.  Don’t!  No good will come from this.  Instead say something like, “you know what Pumpkin, I change my mind, lets watch “insert random movie title”‘.  If you follow these steps you’ll thank me later.  (Unless of course the movie suggested was “based on a Nicholas Sparks novel”.  If so, run!  Run till you see the ocean, then jump in and keep swimming, till you drown.  The only escape is death when a film inspired by a Nicholas Sparks novel is suggested.  Trust me on this, you’ll thank me later.)

As you can see by the review title, this wasn’t a Sparks film.  Whew!  I do however need to apologize to my wife, as I didn’t follow my rule and told her a hobo said it was good.  After a small argument, we watched the movie and thanks to Pete the Spoon, I watched a light, funny and heartwarming film.

Lessons learned, by Tatlock.

Short nitty-gritty plot description from IMDb is as follows:  Set in Southern California, a father with his two children are terrorized and hunted throughout the night by wild animals after buying a zoo.

Just kidding!   

Short nitty-gritty real plot description from IMDb is as follows: Set in Southern California, a father moves his young family to the countryside to renovate and re-open a struggling zoo.

After an onslaught of violence, gore and sex from Hollywood, it’s nice to just sit down and watch a family film with some laughs, drama and a few tear jerking scenes (not from me though, I’m a man!  If you hear otherwise that I teared up, they’re wrong!  Dead wrong!)  I always enjoy Matt Damon’s acting in pretty much anything and as Benjamin Mee, he’s on his game in this one.  He perfectly hits the comedic and dramatic timing needed throughout the film.  A handful of praise needs to be given to seven year old Maggie Elizabeth Jones who plays Damon’s daughter, Rosie Mee.  She was incredibly talented in her role and definitely needs to be given more opportunities to shine.  On the other hand, I could’ve done without Colin Ford’s (of Supernatural fame) moppy, teenage angst ridden Dylan Mee, but given the context of the film, I can understand why it was needed.  (I guess my hatred of teenagers made me hate it more than I should have.)  Last, but certainly not least is Scarlett Johansson*, giving a solid performance with what little she was given.  Her flip-flop attitude on her feelings toward the zoo, animals and Damon was slightly irritating, but can be forgiven due to how hot she looks as a zoo handler.
Conclusion time!  If you’re in the mood for something family-friendly and funny, with a few tear jerking scenes, you can’t go wrong with We Bought a Zoo, a definite recommend.Rating: 

*Comments made on Scarlett throughout the film: I’d buy a zoo if she came with it.  I’d ride her like an animal.  I’d shave her like an animal (not my best work).

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12 years ago

Wise words on the relationship advice in compromising on a movie to watch with your significant other, while being respectful of her suggestions, very wise! 🙂

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