We Are Still Here (Blu-ray / Movie Review)

We Are Still Here is a film that I’ve been craving for awhile. I didn’t know that I was at first, yet once I was through to the end credits, I felt almost completely satisfied. I was only a little bit hungry for a better ending, except I’m watching my weight, so it’s probably wise I wasn’t stuffed. The flick had plenty of righteous stuff going for it. It had gore, it had spooks, it had chills and it had some impressive acting from the cast, save for a couple people, who thankfully are dispatched in gory fashion. If you’re a fan of Fulci’s work, for example, House by the Cemetery, you’ll be as happy as a pig in mud. Anchor Bay will also have your Blu-ray cravings filled with their release. Read on to see if you agree…


RUN-TIME: 83 min
AUDIO: Dolby TrueHD 5.1, LPCM 2.0


RELEASE DATE: Oct 13th, 2015

We Are Still Here House



In the cold, wintery fields of New England, a lonely old house wakes up every thirty years – and demands a sacrifice.


A tremendous amount of the goodness of We Are Still Here comes from not knowing much regarding the plot and going in completely blind. In fact, I was hesitant on posting that plot summary above, as I feel even that gives too much away. With that said, I won’t dive into anything concerning the movie.

It doesn’t take long for We Are Still Here to deliver the gnarly goods. Right from the get-go, the film is oozing a spooky atmosphere, with the cold winter environment to back it all up. You know something ain’t right concerning this house that Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Your Next‘s Barbara Crampton) have moved into and what exactly is wrong, is left until the end of the movie, when all hell breaks loose and the movie goes into high gore overdrive. Before that spectacular gore fest, the movie throws in some seances, possession and a backstory that is kept very vague.

We Are Still Here Ghost

That is the one problem that I had with the movie, the story is never fully developed properly. The ending comes around and we are left wondering exactly what happened. I have a few ideas, however, nothing concrete, as the ending is left wide open to interpretation and sometimes I just wish events would be spelled out for me.


Anchor Bay has released We Are Still Here on Blu-ray, featuring new artwork for the cover, which can be flipped around to the original poster. The video for the movie is pleasing, shot on digital cameras. I found a few areas were a little soft in spots, yet nothing that distracted from the overall enjoyment of the movie. The audio, on the other hand, is superb. It utilizes your entire sound environment to grand effect. If you have a surround sound setup, you’ll be finding yourself looking around the room thinking those spooky sounds are coming from your own home. For people without surround sound, there is a LPCM 2.0 option included.

We Are Still Here Larry Fessenden

Special features come in light, which seems to be the case with new movies nowadays. There is a commentary with Writer-Director Ted Geoghegan and Producer Travis Stevens,a short 8 minute or so Behind the Scenes, a trailer, which spoils everything and finally a teaser, which spoils only a slightly less amount of the movie. I recommend waiting until after you’ve seen the film to watch the trailers.



  • Commentary with Writer-Director Ted Geoghegan and Producer Travis Stevens
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Trailer
  • Teaser
We Are Still Here Barbara Crampton



I can’t stress enough how satisfying We Are Still Here was, save for the dangling threads at the end. It brought the goods in regards to acting, gore and spooky chills. I enjoyed this film immensely and picking it up on Blu-ray is the wisest choice you can make.

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