Underworld: Awakening Movie Review


Underworld: Awakening or Underworld 4 or Kate Beckinsale: Tight Leather Suit 4.

This movie was a letdown.  A big ol’ stinking letdown.  It came in at around 1 hour 15 minutes not counting credits and not a damn thing happened during the movie.  The beginning recap of the previous films in the series, along with the little bit with the humans hunting the vampires and lycans, was the best part.  The rest can basically be summed up like this.

Beckinsale leather butt shot or BLBS as it will be now be known as. Hybrid attack! Awake.  BLBS.  Kill Human.  Lycon attack! CGI? BLBS.  Wasted vampire coven scene which doesn’t progress the movie.  BLBS.  He’s alive!  Huh?  Back to square one.  BLBS.  BOOM! He’s alive! (not to be confused with other He’s alive!). BLBS.  Credits roll.  Audience confused as to way the rest of the movie is missing.

That last part is the real problem.  It feels like this whole movie was just an intro to a better more proper sequel to the series and it’s missing, nowhere to be seen.  Gone.  Poof!  (Till the next sequel comes along that is.)  Hey, you never know, maybe next time we won’t get a weird
creepy CGI version of Scott Speedman.   We can always dream.

Conclusion time!  Do I recommend this movie?  Not really, but I can’t fault a person for wanting to watch it.  I mean, I’m like any other warm blooded man who loves me some BLBS along with some BLTS with a side order of BLFFCGISSM.*



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12 years ago

Is it wrong that the prequel is still my favourite?

12 years ago

Not at all. It's way better than this DTV quality sequel we got handed.

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