The Slumber Party Massacre Movie Review

Release: 1982, Rated: R, Runtime: 77 min.

The Slumber Party Massacre has a clear goal in mind. Show a good amount of nudity, along with a side order of driller mayhem. It runs a quick 76 minutes and doesn’t for one second have you guessing who the killer is, or what’s going to happen next. It may be a rinse and repeat slasher, but it never once has you thinking its anything less than what it is, which is a cheesy fun time. If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, just read on…

Short nitty-gritty plot description from yours truly (I couldn’t find an official one, so here’s my awful summary) is as follows: Escaped convict Russ Thorn is on the loose and 18 yr old Trish, is throwing a slumber party. What better way to crash a party, than with a giant drill.

He looks pissssssed.

The movie starts off establishing that a convicted killer has escaped from prison, which as you know by now in these movies, is never a good thing. All the teenage girls in the movie ignore the reports and go about there happy, mostly nude, high school life. After a girl here and there gets killed (usually off screen) and some nice slow panning butt shots in a girls shower room, that my wife pointed out doesn’t exist in real life (I immediately told her to leave the room), we finally get to the actual slumber party part of the title.

Just moments before boobies flash on the screen. Yay!

Our slumber party host, Trish, played by Michelle Michaels, is having some friends over and of course, lots of drinking and smoking weed is going to take place, but first they must get naked and change in front of each other, cause you know the 80s. The killer quickly shows up to crash the party and starts eviscerating the scantly clad girls with his massive drill (yeah, that’s not suggestive at all). The next door neighbours, two new to town teenage sisters (one older and the other, which is supposed to be younger, appearing just as old or older) are keeping a watchful eye on the party, as the older sister, Valerie, played by Robin Stille, who looks strikingly like a young Ronee Blakley (A Nightmare on Elm Street),was invited, but didn’t go, cause she doesn’t get along with one of the girls there. After Valerie’s “younger” sister becomes bored and wanders over to the slumber party house, Valerie becomes worried and goes over to look for her. Little do they know, the two girls are falling right into the path of the driller killers murdering rampage.

Valerie combing her much “younger” sister’s hair.

As you can see above, The Slumber Party Massacre isn’t teeming with originality, but unlike some other slasher films, it injects a few bits of humor here and there and you’ll find yourself laughing at the movie, whether or not it was intentional, being a different question. The film also isn’t overly gory, with most kills happening off screen, but the body count is surprisingly high and we do occasionally get to see some of the splashy handiwork, from our mostly silent killer. We also get a nice helping of gratuitous nudity in the first half, which certainly qualifies this movie as an 80s slasher gem. Also, in true 80s fashion, we are treated to a rocking synthesizer soundtrack, by Ralph Jones. It fits the cheese filled mood perfectly and never once stops being awesome and rad.

The 80s, a time when Sylvester Stallone graced the covers of Playgirl. Not everything was awesome and rad.


Let’s be honest here folks, The Slumber Party Massacre isn’t going to win any awards. It’s a low budget slasher film, which copies the abundant amount of other slashers that came before it. You’ll be rolling your eyes at the numerous amount of stupid things these people do and the movie never tries to do anything original with it’s plot. Yet, it still has a certain charm to it, like most 80s horror movies. This is one that you’ll want to pop in when looking for some gratuitous TNA and driller mayhem. Yes, it’s a cliche, all too familiar trip, but I think you would be wrong in passing it up, as The Slumber Party Massacre, is one sleepover you shouldn’t miss.

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11 years ago

Awesome Rad Review! 80's Rule!!

Boss Hog
Boss Hog
3 years ago

I thought I was the only one that noticed how much Robin looks like Ronee

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