The Exotic Dances Of Bettie Page & Sin – “Reviewish” (Cult Epics Blu-ray)

I know what you’re thinking, why the hell is this website reviewing The Exotic Dances of Bettie Page and SIN Blu-rays? It’s not like they are horror movies. Well, I completely agree with you. I would not normally review these two Blu-ray releases, but they were sent over to me from Cult Epics for review and I can’t exactly say no to a free copy. However, I’m not the best person to be reviewing them, as they are in no way something I would ever watch. Which means, this review isn’t going to be for any fan of the two releases. Instead, it will be for anyone that is questioning whether they should pop down a rather large sum of money for two releases that equate to roughly over an hour of footage. My opinion, they are not worth it. Also, I’ll completely forgive you if you find this “review” terrible.


edobp_bd_ocard_2dFirst up is The Exotic Dances of Bettie Page. What exactly is the Blu-ray about? Why don’t I paste the summary from Cult Epics to help with that:

Cult Epics presents its 25th Anniversary release THE EXOTIC DANCES OF BETTIE PAGE. Bettie Page, pin-up model of the 1950s, cult model of the 80s and 90s, gained mainstream recognition in the last few years of her life when she was immortalized in three major film productions, the first being Nico B’s BETTIE PAGE DARK ANGEL (a homage to the lost bondage films.)

Irving Klaw, “King of the Pin-ups,” filmed these short films and where the first the young Bettie performed in on celluloid. These films have now been transferred from the original 8mm reels in a new High-definition transfer, including rare bonus Bettie Page “Kamera Club” films. The release features a 1950s rock ‘n roll lounge soundtrack along with new bonus features.

bp1Does the summary above excite you? If so, this Blu-ray is meant for you. I watched them and it took me only 5 minutes to become extremely bored of seeing Bettie Page gyrating to lounge music. Maybe that’s just me, but that alone isn’t worth $35. The bonus features try to make up for the “short” 24-minutes of bump and grind with a few more dance moves, one that features a topless Bettie Page (the best feature of them all). There is also a photo gallery as well, for those that want to see her frozen in time. The only other feature that is of worth is the 20-minute Q&A with Ron Brem, who is the nephew of Bettie Page. This Q&A session is an interesting peek into her life and that will please many fans.



  • New 2K HD Transfer and Restoration (from original 8mm films)
  • Bettie Page Kamera Club Films (8mm films in HD)
  • Bettie Page/Irving Klaw HD Photo video gallery
  • Bettie Page Uncovered: The Unknown Life & Photographs of Bunny Yeager
  • (Q&A with Ron Brem, nephew of Bettie Page) 2016, HD
  • Collectible Blu-ray O-ring silver print


sin_bd_ocard_2d1The next Blu from Cult Epics that I popped in was SIN. This one is a doozy. Featuring 3 short films shot on 8mm and made up to replicate the 20’s to 40’s silent film era. Here, have a look at this synopsis to see what it’s all about:

From the Director of PIG and BETTIE PAGE DARKEL comes the erotic, surreal, film SIN. Three episodes, staged in the 1920-1940s, where each story tells the duality of a female protagonist; the belly/frolic dancer (with Angelita Franco of Tinto Brass’ Kick the Cock), the sculpture model versus the nun (with Caroline Pierce), the legless aristocrat and the maid (with Dahlia Dark).

Inspired by early 19th century vintage erotica and surrealistic filmmaking, Nico B’s exploration and discovery of the subliminal curse of destiny we call SIN. Super 8 silent film with a soundtrack by Claude Debussy. BD/DVD Combo Limited Edition of 1500 copies features original Artwork and Booklet with Storyboards by artist Brian M. Viveros.

dance-drawI personally didn’t mind some of SIN. The music by Claude Debussy was memorable and the ability to tell a story without dialogue is a rather hard task and Nico B succeeded with some of the stories. The first story about the belly dancer was probably my favourite of the lot. The second story features a rather obscene masturbation scene with a crucifix and a nun giving a blowjob to a priest that will probably confus… wait! What did I just write? A crucifix masturbation scene and nun fellatio. Yeah, that’s right! SIN features not one, but two of my favourite hobbies.

The last story is, I think, about a big breasted maid taking care of a legless man who loves to rub his stump.

Features on SIN aren’t that exciting. The short films by Nico B translate to what could be considered vacation footage. At least the booklet included is rather interesting to look at.


  • New HD Transfer (from original Super 8 film)
  • SIN Teasers (HD)
  • Nude Color Outtakes (HD)
  • Bonus: Super 8 short films by Nico B (HD)
  • 64 Page Booklet with original storyboard drawings by Brian M. Viveros


You know what, this review is done. I can’t say much more. If any of this makes you want to pick these Blu’s up, I won’t judge.  Cult Epics always know how to turn out a pretty impressive Blu, so I can understand the desire to purchase. Me? I would rather buy/watch something else.

*Note* No rating will be provided for this review. I don’t feel like I’m the most qualified to be judging these releases.

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