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Hello all, you probably are wondering why things are still slow around here. Rest assured, I’m still alive, but I’ve just been incredibly busy with the movie I’m working on, which is titled Tales from the Campfire.

There are plenty of reviews that I have sitting ready to be posted, but I just need to get them tidied up before posting. In the mean time, why don’t you check out some stuff that I’ve done for Tales from the Campfire, a movie which only has a budget of $6000.

First up is a few posters that I’ve done (forgive the lower quality, as I just quickly grabbed them from our Facebook page):

This is the latest poster that I did today for fun. I think it turned out pretty neat. As you can see, the credit block is temporary. 

One of the villains in the film. His name is Nathaniel. 

Another deadly villain known as The Raven. 

Another poster that I did up for the movie. The villains facing off against each other. 

Now for some random pics from the movie, some of which that I did up as lobby cards, which were inspired by the old Friday the 13th Part III lobby cards:

This tub got pretty bloody the last time we shot. I’m thinking you’re going to like this scene. 

The ghost that haunts the basement! 

Some fun with Photoshop.

More fun in photoshop, as the character Claire is scared for her life. 

Claire meets an untimely demise. 

Lobby card of Jake with a pretty neat slit throat effect. 

Chelsea meets the business end of an axe in this lobby card. 

That’s all for now folks. As you can see, I’ve been busy, but rest assured I’m going to get back to posting some more reviews in the next little while. I actually have a few short story reviews that I need to post that were sent to me by the talented bobbygw, so look forward to those.

Until we meet again!

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