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       11×17 poster of Before The Mask    Source: Facebook

I’m hoping that plenty of my readers have watched a little film titled Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. It came out in 2007 and was received with plenty of rewards and support. I myself thought the film was fun and especially loved the cameos from Kane Hodder and Robert Englund, two people I hope to meet someday. The point of this post isn’t about the aforementioned film though, but it’s hopeful sequel.

Before The Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon has a spot on Kickstarter and they’re looking to raise $450,000 by August 9th. A high goal (currently they sit at roughly $40,000), but I’m sure can be met if the horror fans of the world unite and pledge some money towards the project. Don’t think you’re just throwing your money at the film and receiving nothing in return, if you pledge even $5 you’ll receive a “Special Thanks” in the end credits.  $32 or more will give you the DVD or Blu-Ray copy of the finished film, along with a piece of frame from the film reel, signed by the director.  I myself pledged $50, which gives all of the above, along with a 11×17 poster of the original artwork for Before The Mask. Remember, with Kickstarter if the project doesn’t reach it’s goal, no money is taken from the pledgers (let’s hope that doesn’t happen).

I urge you to pledge towards this project in support of independent film making and the horror genre in general.  Any little bit of money helps.

Before The Mask: The Return of Leslie Vernon – Kickstarter

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