Summer Fear IV: NOT The Final Chapter

Well another Summer Fear is over and the results are in, it was fantastic! Things started off shaky, with original guest Don Shanks (Michael Myers from Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers) having to back out last minute, but the folks at Summer Fear pulled through and secured Steve ‘The Real Jason’ Dash, from Friday the 13th Part II fame. With a select bunch of vendors and returning guest Lenore Zann (Happy Birthday to Me, Visiting Hours), Summer Fear was a hit and I’m sure everyone that went would agree. Now, let’s check out some pictures and see how the day played out.

I waited to that last minute on picking up my VIP Gold package ($50), but holy cow, am I glad I did. It included a sweet t-shirt, poster, VIP badge, two signed photos of Steve Dash and the best part, an intimate Q&A event with the guest of honour himself, located in one of the cars of the Tatamagouche Train Inn. Steve Dash was awesome as a guest and had no problem answering all our questions. It was wonderful hearing all the controversial back story of the making of Friday the 13th Part II and even better, he sat right next to me the entire time. How awesome is that!

Once the Q&A was over, we moved over to the normal location of the event and started to get our autographs and pictures done up. Like I said above, the VIP package came with two signed photos and you can check those out above and a photo with Steve Dash below (man I’ve gained some weight this year.)


Lenore Zann showed up a little bit later in the day and gave a speech about her life in the movie industry, her various roles in horror and doing the voice of Rogue in the X-Men cartoon series.

Throughout the day, a band called The Black Rats played and in my opinion, they were a little too loud for the size of the place. They sounded great, but honestly, I would’ve preferred the screenings of trailers instead, but maybe that’s me being biased, as I had a Tales from the Campfire trailer planned to show, but it didn’t happen. However, you can check out that trailer here.

Steve Dash stayed around until the end of the day, which ended around 5:30pm and he was a fantastic guy, who didn’t mind getting close to the fans (especially the ladies) and taking numerous pictures. He also didn’t mind promoting some of the local artwork, which I will feature below. If you ever get a chance to meet him, do it!

As usual, I always end up buying a ton of stuff each time I go and this year was no different.


The pieces you see above are done by the very talented Chris Brown.  Remember, you can join his Facebook group and see more of his work here: (FYI, he does commission work!)


Next up, is some pieces by Patti’s Wood Creations +. These are amazing little wood cravings. The second one pictured, I won as a door prize! Check out more of her work here: Patti’s Wood Creations +


Last but not least for purchases, was a few magnets from Carmen Mckay. If you’re into amazing art and horror, check out her website here:

Now check out who else was there and how it was setup this year. This year had a good amount of vendors for all the horror/comic book fans.


Nick Bradshaw drawing another great piece. Representatives of East Coast Comic Expo where also present.
More artwork by Chris Brown.
The folks at Inkredible has some wonderful artwork displayed out and you could by it for cheap! Visit the Inkredible Facebook Page for more.
All kinds of neat trinkets and candles from 2 hearts 2 suns.
Some other vendors/guests they had was André Myette, who you may remember was there last year. He is a talented artist and does all sorts of wonderful horror related drawings. You can check out more of his work here:
Check out this awesome group of prosthetic and makeup artists at The Monkey Rodeo.
Patti’s Wood Creations +
This shirt rocks! Haha.

Another year done, but like the title post says, this isn’t the final chapter! Next year will once again rock and I can’t wait to head back down to Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia and check out the next special guest and awesome vendors. Thanks to all who run Summer Fear and keep up the great work! See you next year!

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