A spy, snake and ghost filled day.

On the menu today is a side order of a pointless entry, discussing a variety of different topics.

The most important thing is obviously the new Skyfall teaser, which was just released a few days ago.  Skyfall is the twenty-third James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond.  The teaser is  quick, at a little over a minute, but shows you just enough to get you excited. Daniel Craig has done a great service to the vision Ian Fleming had for 007 and I look forward to Skyfall come November.

Here’s the short nitty gritty plot description from IMDb: Bond’s loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

Next on the list is the delay of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which was delayed from June 28th, 2012 to March 29th, 2013.  A little under a year of a delay. The reason? To convert the movie to 3D of course, or is because Battleship (another Hasbro property) just recently sunk in theatres? Could be either, but my money is on the latter. Expect to see a completely different G.I. Joe movie than what we were going to see next month… balls!

Coming not so soon.

Finally, is the recent release of Ghost Recon Future Soldier.  It came out this past Tuesday and after picking up the Limited Edition (very high quality statue included) and playing it a little last night, I can say it’s a pretty fun, but hard game so far. I’ve only played an hour or so, but it does look like squad control has been reduced a lot from the previous Ghost Recon games. A.I. has improved and they think and react on their own much better. Come on back to this blog in the near future for a review!

Well, that’s all for now. Yum, ’tis filling.

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11 years ago

I thought Casino Royal was a very good Bond film overall, but I had concerns that it was taking the Bond franchise in a "serousness" over "coolness" direction which made me somewhat concerned. Quantum of Solace confirmed my fears, it was frankly "dull", which is never a word I'd used to describe a previous Bond film. Give me "over the top cheesy" over "dull" any day! Anyway, I'm willing to give this third installment a go, but I'm honestly missing the Pierce Brosnan take on the Bond franchise…

Michael Tatlock
Michael Tatlock
11 years ago

I guess it really comes down to if you're a more a fan of the Ian Fleming novels, or the movies. The Bond in the novels and newer films is definitely more serious than the older Bond films.

I personally like Daniel Craig's take on Bond and the new more serious direction, but I also like the cheesy Bond's. Hopefully one day we'll get a mix of both. 🙂

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