Sniper Elite V2. Two shots are better than one.

For a game that seems to have been largely ignored (it was released on May 1st, 2012 and at the time of this entry, IGN still hasn’t reviewed it), I’ve been having a blast lately playing co-op. 

Sniper Elite V2 is a remake of the stellar original Sniper Elite that came out on the Xbox and PS2 in 2005. It’s a WW2 game, which as you can tell by the name, focuses on sniping with realistic ballistics (bullet drop and wind are taken into account when lining up your shot). The game can be played offline in single player, or online with a friend in a variety of different game play modes.

Campaign: As you can probably guess, it will have you playing through the single player story with a friend. Don’t go in expecting a spectacular story though, it’s definitely lacking in that department to say the least. 

Kill Tally: Sees you and a friend taking on endless waves of enemies along with the occasional tank or armored truck showing up. The game keeps track of how many kills each of you get, so a little competition can be made with this mode.  

Bombing Run: Requires you to search for parts to fix a broken down vehicle; repair before times run out and escape, or be destroyed by the ever fast approaching bombers.

Overwatch: Has one person playing as the sniper and the other as the spotter, who is on the ground. The spotter needs to point out enemies for the sniper to take out and also complete any objectives that come up.

It should be noted that that amazing x-ray camera kill shot (make a vital hit and the camera will follow the bullet into the person, showing a gruesome x-ray shot) seems to have been
removed from co-op, which is a shame.

X-ray kill shot.  Sadly absent from co-op. 

I definitely recommend giving Sniper Elite V2 a spin, single player is good, but it’s even more exciting if you can find a friend to play along with.

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Michael Tatlock
Michael Tatlock
10 years ago

Of course, not to long after posting this entry, IGN releases their review.

Hmm… at the time of this comment , I didn't have a million dollars.

10 years ago

Very Sweet Game. Anyone looking to break free of the COD – run and gun game play for some intense precision shooting should get this. It was great fun. Still very fast paced and never boring this kept me entertained through the whole game.

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