Breakfast and a Bath for Baby/Darker, Still – A Tale of the Unexpected – Short Story Reviews

Today folks I give you two short story reviews from the mind of bobbygw. One is called Breakfast and a Bath for Baby and the other is Darker, Still – A Tale of the Unexpected. Neither are overly long, but each tells a story that in Breakfast’s case is interesting and mysterious and in Darker, Still’s case, frightening and humorous. Read on for a short review and see whether you should give these short tales a spin…

Short nitty-gritty plot description: Breakfast and a Bath for Baby – A story of the dark macabre and paranormal, this is the tale of Baby-Boy. 

On a morning like any other, Charlene is making breakfast for her beloved son, whom she has fondly nicknamed Baby-Boy. But today is like no other day, nor will it ever be forgotten. Today, there is evil in a visitor known only as “It”. 

Charlene unknowingly enters a nightmare that she will never manage to escape, nor will the small town, ordinary community in which she lives ever forget the grotesque, disturbing horror of what happens to her and her baby. 

If you enjoy being creeped and twisted, disturbed and scared by tales of the dark and macabre, and of the evil of the paranormal, this 5,000-word length story is waiting for you. And so is “It” …

Darker, Still – A Tale of the Unexpected – ‘Darker, Still’ is the first horror story published by bobbygw. A tale of the unexpected, it plays with the ideas of the macabre. It speaks to our fear of darkness and the blackness of night, because when we are alone, in the dark, we all know it is then that things manifest from the void. 

If you find you’re too busy to find time to read a full-length horror story, but want to feel the fear in the time it takes to relax over a big cup of coffee, ‘Darker, Still’ is just for you. Come on in, take the load off your feet and experience the darkness.

Tatlock’s Quick ‘n Dirty Recap: Breakfast and a Bath for Baby is all about the mystery that surrounds something that is unseen. It sits watching and waiting, while a mother feeds her baby, waiting for the right moment to do something sinister. As the reader, you are unaware of exactly what this unseen force is, but you know it isn’t friendly. Is it a monster in the shadows or is it a monster within?

Darker, Still – A Tale of the Unexpected involves a person alone in the dark, hiding under the covers, as something in the corner is taking shape, slowly edging towards the bed. I’m sure we’ve all been there before as kids. Just hide under the sheets, you’ll be safe… or maybe not.

Tatlock’s Opinion: Both stories from bobbygw are superbly written, with a use of words unlike most other authors I’ve read. He weaves tales that keep the reader pinned to the few pages they are. One keeps you confused to the horrifying end and the other keeps you holding the covers up to your chin.

I only had a few issues with the first story, Breakfast and a Bath for Baby. The thing that is present, which isn’t explained, is referred to as ‘It’ and it can become confusing to read, as the pronoun ‘it’ is used plenty enough in normal writing, which makes it hard to figure out whether bobbygw is talking about ‘It,’ the unseen force, or just using the old normal ‘it’. It honestly can become a little confusing, so be prepared for that. In the end though, it doesn’t take away too much from the mystery and supernatural that Breakfast serves you.

Verdict: The longer of the two stories, Breakfast and a Bath for Baby may put off some people with the way it’s written, but that shouldn’t stop you from reading it. The weirdness that lurks on those pages shouldn’t be missed, as it’s one story that keeps you thinking after the conclusion.

Darker, Still – A Tale of the Unexpected is just a great, brisk read that creeps you out. The darkness that lurks in the corner, waiting for you to close your eyes and strike, that’s something that we’ve all feared before, be it as a child or as an adult (I won’t judge). Don’t worry, a dash of humor keeps your nerves from being frayed too much. Both stories are highly recommended.

Breakfast and a Bath for Baby – 3.5/5
Darker, Still – A Tale of the Unexpected – 5/5

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9 years ago

Hi Michael Just a quick note to thank you for making the time to review my short stories. It's all the more appreciated given your hectic schedule and the production we know you're involved with for Tales from the Campfire. (Love the posters and the lurid use of sinister psychedlic colours in some of photos, too.) I know from reading many other reviews of yours on Mind of Tatlock that you're tough but fair, so it was terrific to gain a 3.5/5 and – though I never expected it – a 5/5 for Darker, Still (the one I most enjoyed… Read more »

Michael Tatlock
9 years ago

Hello bobbygw, thanks for commenting and most importantly, thanks for sending me along these great short stories. I'm glad you enjoyed the review just as much as I enjoyed reading them. I look forward to more future works from you.

Thanks again.


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