Salem Trip – A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween Experience

With Canadian Thanksgiving rolling by, I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had much time to post on my website. Hence, why I’m only now getting around to telling you all about my trip to Salem, Massachusetts on October 4th. The main reason for heading down, was to meet Heather Lagenkamp and Tony Moran and folks, the 7 hour trip was worth it. Read on to see the photos and hear how it went…

After making the 7 hour trip to Salem, we found some prime parking not too far from Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery, where Heather Lagenkamp would be stationed. We arrived just as the Museum was being turned into a Haunted House attraction. Unfortunately, there was some technical difficulties, so the wait was super long. In the mean time, I went around and met Heather. She’s a super nice woman, who is as beautiful now as she was then. She definitely appreciates the fans and her time spent as Nancy Thompson. I got her to sign a pretty cool photo of her and Freddy and she personalized it with whatever line I wanted. At the time, I was in a daze and couldn’t think straight, so she spouted off a few lines from the movie and that made my trip, to hear her say those classic lines. I went with the infamous line “Don’t fall asleep”, which is always a good bet. Heather Lagenkamp is definitely one celebrity I would love to meet again and talk more with.


While waiting in line for the Haunted House, Tony Moran showed up, who as you probably already know, played Michael Myers when he was unmasked and shot by Dr. Loomis. He is basically the real face of Myers and I have to say, it’s pretty neat to be standing around, while the person who fought Freddy is a few feet away and the face of Michael Myers, is a right next to you. Pretty awesome horror heaven experience.

As for the Haunted House attraction at Count Orlok’s, I definitely will say I prefer the calm and quiet, take your time walk through the museum, more so than the Haunted House. That’s not to say it was bad, as my wife can contest, she was pretty scared. As for me, I’ve been hardened over the years and ended up more interested in the props, than anything else. I do recommend checking out the haunted house, but definitely think you need to check out the museum as well. It’s a fantastic place and you can look toward the future, for a more detailed writeup about the place.


After, my wife and I headed down to meet Tony Moran and we stopped in a
t-shirt place on the way there and I picked up a few neat shirts (Evil
Ash and Michael Myers).

Once Tony was ready to sign, I went in and met him and talked a little bit and got some photos taken. He’s a really nice guy and you can tell he appreciates the opportunity that was given to him, at such a young age by John Carpenter. It also feels wonderful that I can check off one bucket list item (meet a Michael Myers). Hopefully I’ll eventually meet Nick Castle (The Shape) as well.



Besides meeting the celebrities, we went around to a few places and checked out the only decorated side street (a big disappointment, as we thought the entire town would be decorated) and took a few photos. There is an old cemetery there, which I visited a few years ago, so we quickly gave it a look again and moved on. I have to say, the celebrities was the main reason for coming to Salem and I wasn’t disappointed.

Pretty disappointed with the “decorations.”

Everything after that was a blur of shopping and driving, so I don’t need to bore you with any of that nonsense, so, I’ll just wrap it up here. It was a blast meeting everyone and I hope to continue this tradition of meeting some celebrities from my childhood (I had a weird childhood), no matter the driving distance.





Happy Halloween!
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