Psychotic State: The Novel Press Release

Below you can check out the official press release for the latest William Pattison novel, a novelization based on the upcoming film, Psychotic State. As you already are aware, I really enjoy Mr. Pattison’s Crystal Lake novels, so I’m really looking forward to this one.

Press Release
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Cult icon Friday the 13th author William Pattison, aka Eric Morse faces personal demons and creates the next great horror novel with Psychotic State.

October 10th 2013. The author of The Camp Crystal Lake Novels (Mother’s Day, Jason’s Curse, The Carnival, and Road Trip (Berkley Books 1994) ) and the web released final novel in the series (The Mask of Jason Voorhees (2010)) is back, but this time he is leaving Camp Crystal Lake for different pastures with his current book project, Psychotic State.

The plot of Psychotic State tells the story of David Coleman, a bipolar twenty-six year old man who is one of those people that the world likes to pick on. David is bullied and abused by everyone around him, including his adopted father. When David gets fired from his job after a run in with a couple bullies he loses his medical and stops taking his medication. This causes David to go into a psychotic state and in a twisted idea of justice he decides that it is time for him to take out all his bullies and abusers. The result is a killing spree and ends with a bloodbath that will be a must read for horror fans.

This novel is a novelization of the upcoming motion picture of the same name and directed by William’s co-host, Derek Young, on his popular internet radio show, The Wolf Pack Podcast. William is also to be credited on the film as co-writer.

“I feel blessed to be working with Eric (William). He has been a great source of inspiration and creativity on this project, much like my mentor, the late David Hess.” Director Derek Young said. “Together we make a powerhouse of a team.”

“Writing this novel has brought up a lot of demons for me.” William Pattison, aka Eric Morse admitted. “When I was young I was bullied constantly by my peers. It was incessant and I have to admit that it hasn’t changed that much in my adult years. After returning to the horror community after I found that my books have found an after life with fans I have seen and been treated to brutality by a large number of my peers in this community. We call them internet trolls, but they are the same bullies I grew up with, just now older and using the computer and other technology to tear people down to make themselves feel superior. It is honestly one of the things that is bringing our community down and causing people to turn their backs to it. Even though Psychotic State is written as a gory slasher novel I hope people can see the ant-bullying message that this morality tale presents, that the cycle of pain and abuse needs to end and that we as humans need to stop trying to feel superior and show our fellow humans respect and honor. The thing is that even a person who is good at heart can be pushed into doing horrid things if society takes things too far and tries to knock them down. Sometimes nice guys don’t finish last. Sometimes they get even.”

William Pattison, aka Eric Morse’s Official Website

William Pattison, aka Eric Morse

As Eric Morse, author William Pattison wrote the Camp Crystal Lake novel series for Berkley Books, published 1993 thru 1994. These books include the novels Mother’s Day, Jason’s Curse, The Carnival, and Road Trip. The fifth Camp Crystal Lake novel, The Mask Of Jason Voorhees, which he web published for his fans. As Eric Morse he was mentioned in the second printing of the book Crystal Lake Memories, by Peter Bracke.

Currently he is in the process of writing the novelization of Derek Young’s film Psychotic State. Also, his sci fi novel, The Traveler: A Conflict of Interest will be published in mid 2014.

Also, he worked as an executive consultant on an independent film adaptation of his novel Friday the 13th: Mother’s Day. He worked as executive consultant and screenwriter on an independent horror anthology film titled The Horror Seasons. He also worked (uncredited) with screenwriter Matt Mosely on the script for the slasher film Sparrow. He also worked with Harve Bennett on the treatment (uncredited) for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He also worked on the script (uncredited) for Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Currently he is the main man on the Blog Talk Radio show The Wolf Pack (formerly The Eric Morse Project), which is an alliance of four monthly shows under one banner.. In the three seasons as The Eric Morse Project it has had thirteen different shows under its banner. Eric Morse works with co-host Derek Young, Wayne “Count6String” Goulden, Christopher Highland, Kim Goulden, and Mary “Nurse Hatchet” Maddcox.

Also he co-wrote, with The Morbidly Made’s co-host Michael J Sankovich, the script for the 80’s style slasher film Campout Nightmare. Though, he is now only a writer on that project in name only, because Michael J has totally rewrote the script without him. He was also the Executive Consultant on the film in Derek Young’s film Midnight Matinee Psycho he plays the role of a reporter at the beginning of the film. He is also credited as Associated Producer, Contributing Writer, and Unit Director on that film as well. He will be bringing back his reporter character in Derek Young’s next film Psychotic State. He will also be playing a part in Derek Young’s next film, Josie.

He is the creator of the event, Artists in Horror Month. He also is the guy behind the mini film festival, A Taste of Terror (charity event for Samaritan House).

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