Night of the Demons Movie Review

Release: Oct 14th,1988
Rating: R/UR
Run time: 90 min
Starring: Amelia Kinkade, Linnea Quigley
Director: Kevin Tenney
Official Trailer: Night of the Demons


It’s October 1st peeps and you know what that means, it’s almost Halloween! To get in the mood, I decided to pop in a classic 80s Halloween movie about demons, disappearing lipstick and parties. What could that be you ask? Well, of course, Night of the Demons!

Short nitty-gritty plot description from IMDb is as follows: On the night of Halloween, 10 teens decide to go to a party at an abandoned funeral parlor. “Hull House”, rumored to be built on an evil patch of land & underground stream, is the place. While starting the party, the teens gather around a big mirror to perform a seance…BIG MISTAKE. They awaken some evil force and find themselves trapped and taken over one by one. Now it’s a battle for who can survive and cross over the stream before going to hell….
A good night for a demon fight.


The story for Night of the Demons is pretty straight forward. Angela, a goth chick, invites a bunch of a people to an old morgue, called Hull House. There, the group of low budget actors, oops, I mean teenagers, partake in a little dancing, smoking, drinking and demon conjuring. One by one the kids get possessed and it’s up to the worst actress in the movie to fight them off and make it out alive. Night of the Demons provides a few positives to get you through the movies 90 min run time. First, we got some nice looking women, with the main actress looking super cute in her Alice in Wonderland costume. You also have, a Peter Pan? girl who bares her breasts and makes my heart beat hard against my chest. Plus, scream queen Linnea Quigley shows up and does a very bizarre scene involving lipstick and boobs (don’t ask me what the hell it was all about, but boobies). Finally, we have Angela dancing all gothy and demon possessed like and I tell you, I’m liking it. So hot woman, check. What else.
Horrible acting, but hot woman.


The special effects in Night of the Demons are pretty damn impressive, with the demons coming off pretty scary. I give props to the team of makeup artists who did a great job. Also, bravo on that awesome intro sequence. Really drives home that much loved Halloween feeling.
So, what isn’t good you may be asking? Well, the acting is awful!! I’m talking high school theatre production quality here folks. The lead actress, even if she is hot, can’t act. She looks like she is reading her lines off a big giant place card, but the card is blank and she had to think on her feet. Ouch! Plus, the movie can drag a little come the middle section, with not enough demon action for my useless tastes.
Something very strange is about to happen with Linnea Quigley and her chest area.


Do I recommend checking out Night of the Demons? Damn straight I do, as it does, in the end, provide you what you want and that’s demons and some boobies (I assume that’s what you want). The only thing really bringing the score down is the acting and middle section of the movie. Still, it’s a recommend.


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