Night of the Demons 3 Movie Review

Release: October 7th, 1997
Rating: R
Run time: 85 min
Starring: Amelia Kinkade, Stephanie Bauder
Director: Jim Kaufman
Official Trailer: Night of the Demons 3

Oh god, what has happened? How did we go from an 80s gem, to a superior sequel, to this? This drivel, this poor excuse for a Demons movie. How was it possible to get worse actors than the first one, remove all comedy and have a story that takes place on Halloween night, not feel anything like Halloween? How you ask? Well let me explain…

Short nitty-gritty plot description from IMDb is as follows: A group of young criminals accidentally shoot a police officer. To avoid
being arrested they hide out in an abandoned house. When they realize
that the house is haunted, they start to wish that they had turned
themselves in when they had a chance.

Seen here, is Angela questioning why she decided to come back from the dead.

Night of the Demons 3 takes place a few years after the second movie, Night of the Demons 2. Angela is once again back and once again it is not explained. She’s just back, deal with it and move on. Anyway, Angela is back and hanging out at Hull House, or what you are lead to believe is Hull House, as it looks nothing like the house from the first two movies. Meanwhile, a group of delinquents are out driving around in their rapists van and decide to pick up two ladies, one a head cheerleader at school and the other a surprisingly feisty friend. The group stop at a convenience store and something awful happens, which forces them to take refuge at Hull House. Meanwhile, a detective (played by Vlasta Vrana, one of the very few redeeming things in the movie), who is about to retire (how original), is on the trail of these teens. Cue a little bit of demon action, a few pairs of boobies and a small slice of 90’s bush, oh and bad acting, bad story and bad decisions (mainly me deciding to watch this movie).

Seen here, is an actress who is questioning why they decided to “act” in this movie.

I can only imagine that the filmmakers of this “movie” sat down and were like, “what’s good and bad about Night of the Demons?” and then proceeded to remove anything that was suggested good and leave only the bad. I remember saying aloud, this movie looks to be Canadian now (I would know, cause I rock) and low and behold, the filming has moved from Los Angeles, to Montreal, Canada and the good acting of Part 2 was left behind. Instead, we get some low grade actors, who all look like someone else, especially the lead guy Nick (Gregory Calpakis), who looks and sounds just like Jason Patric, of The Lost Boys fame. I mean I feel bad saying something negative about them, but seriously, I’m sure they were trying their best with the material they got, but man, they’re still bad.

What is there to like about Night of the Demons 3? Well for one thing, it’s nice to see actress Amelia Kinkade, back as Angela. She is good as ever and still can perform that sexy dance of hers. Plus, she once again makes out with some women and that to me is a good thing. Also, the movie takes about 2 minutes to start showing some boobies, so, at least it knows what I like. I should also mention the credits intro, which was an awesome updated CGI homage to the original intro of the first Night of the Demons. It was cheesy, groovy, awful and awesome all at the same time.

Hey, look! It’s Cobie Smulder. No, wait. That’s just another person in this movie, who looks like someone else.

I can see why the Night of the Demons series ended with this one and a remake was done instead. It pretty much killed off any hope of the series returning and being anything but bad. It’s sad too, as I really loved the second movie and the first has a place in my heart as well. The third on the other hand, will be swept under the rug with all the other dreck and forgotten about, until one lonely night I have a terrifying nightmare, where I’m watching the movie again.


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