Medal of Honor: Warfighter Video Game Review

This review will be for the single player campaign only. I haven’t got around to playing the multiplayer, but wanted to express my opinion on what I played, which was a super short and super familiar experience. Medal of Honor: Warfighter has a “been there done that” feeling throughout it’s short 5 hour campaign, but a few original ideas help elevate the score slightly…

Short nitty-gritty plot description from the Official Website is as follows: The only game that gives players the ability to be in real world events, Medal of Honor Warfighter lets you experience the action as it might have taken place in the field.The new Medal of Honor Warfighter game is inspired by and has been developed with Tier 1 Operators from an elite, international community. This personal story was written by actual Tier 1 Operators while deployed overseas. In it, players step into the boots of these warfighters and apply unique skill sets to track down a real global threat, in real international locations, sponsored by real enemies. It doesn’t get any more authentic than Medal of Honor Warfighter.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter‘s story is sadly an overall tired experience. It’s hard though to really do anything new, when you’re taking on the “modern warfare” setting. The market has been flooded with these games and I and millions of other people, are guilty of gulping it all up. That doesn’t mean each and everyone is great. I didn’t really enjoy Battlefield 3 and sadly this game has some of the same problems. It’s extremely linear and the A.I will constantly shove you out of the way and sometimes right into harms way.  Also, for an engine that is supposed to be all about the destruction, Warfighter barely uses it. Not as bad as Battlefield 3, but still not the awesome devastating experience I was hoping for.

Mixing real life events with made up stories, the game jumps all over the place and puts you in the shoes of one returning character from the first game, as well as a brand new guy. I find though, you don’t really connect emotionally with your characters, unlike the first game. There are a few ideas that help make the experience a little fresh. For example, the car chase levels were a lot of fun and exciting. Still for every fun idea, there is a bland and generic one behind a door that needs to be breached and trust me, there are a lot of doors to breach.

The destruction might not be rampant, but that doesn’t mean the game doesn’t look great, for the most part. The environments are highly detailed, with the flood ravaged level being an exhilarating and beautiful experience. Character models are not bad looking, although most of the time you’ll be confusing one guy for the next. Still, I guess there really is only a finite amount of ways to differentiate between burly bearded military men. The few women we have in the game however, are truly scary looking. The weapons do look nice though.

If you’ve played any of the Call of Duty, Battlefield or Medal of Honor games, you’ve played this one already. It’s the same ol’ same, with a few ideas that make it enjoyable. I find I didn’t like it as much as the first game and it didn’t really have the emotional impact of the first games ending. It’s hard to recommend Warfighter based solely on it’s single player campaign, but maybe the multiplayer will offer some more variety. Although, from what I’ve read online, I’m prepared to be disappointed. Let me know in the comments section below, if you’ve played multiplayer and how it is.

Story – 1.5/5 – Prepare to be let down with a generic and convoluted story. It has a “been there done that” written all over it. 

Gameplay – 2/5 – If you’ve played any other war game, you’ve played this one as well. However, this game gives you the option to breach every door in the game, slow motion and all. That’s not a good thing.

Graphics – 3.5/5 –  The game has some great looking environments, but most of the levels will start to look the same. Destruction is not implemented as much as I was hoping. 

Sound – 4/5 – Voice acting is good, the men sound like men. The weapons are nice and loud. If this game has one thing going for it, is it’s loudness. Some delaying of sounds pop up, but isn’t frequent.

Overall (not an average) – 2.5/5 – I was hoping Medal of Honor: Warfighter was going to be even better than the first game, hell I would’ve of been happy with it being better than Battlefield 3. However, this game is only on par with B3 and that isn’t a good thing. 

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