Lost Gully Road Movie Review (Umbrella Entertainment DVD)

I would rather be masturbating.


Life has been pretty busy lately, so I don’t have a lot of time, and the time I do have I would like not to be wasting it. Hence my frustration when I popped in Lost Gully Road and I was mistreated to an 80-minute experiment in being able to stay awake long enough to mercifully see the end credits rolling on this slow, pointless, mundane, horror movie.

I hate to be so mean towards a movie, as being someone who has worked on a low budget horror film knows that many factors go into making a film and sometimes the result is not what you thought it was going to be. However, in Lost Gully Road’s case, I’m pretty sure the filmmakers should have known that it was not wise to have over an hour of footage of a woman hanging around an empty house, going on walks, and being slightly spooked by a ghost. A ghost whose leading haunting talent is rearranging furniture, spying on you showering and running past the front door a couple of times at night.


The story (haha) for Lost Gully Road goes a bit like this. Adele Perovic plays Lucy, a girl who is heading up to a secluded cabin to get away from someone named Henry. Her sister, Cassie, is meant to meet her there, but Cassie is delayed. Why they are meeting at this cabin with no internet, and no TV, is never adequately explained save for the small bits of info you get from the phone conversations Lucy has with her sister. It has something to do with a bag, Facebook, and that guy named Henry. As the days slowly tick by, we watch Lucy do all sorts of mundane stuff. She goes for walks, masturbates (I do praise the film for finally showing a realistic interpretation of someone alone in a house with nothing else to do,) tries to chop wood, fails at lighting a fire, has a lonely Birthday dinner, leaves the refrigerator door open (your carbon footprint woman!), and finally has sex with a ghost (I assume.) As the film winds down, we get a bit of ghostly action, but by this point, I’ve checked out and don’t care what happens. The big reveal comes at us, and I shrug my shoulders, yawn, and rewind the film to the masturbation scene.


I don’t recommend Lost Gully Road, and I want to point out that Adele Perovic plays no part in that, as she puts in a pretty good performance. No, the fault of the film can be placed solely on the individuals who thought it would be a good idea to have the viewer be as bored as Perovic’s character. At least Pervoic gets to have coitus with a ghost. We the viewers aren’t afforded that option. Now masturbation on the other hand…

Umbrella Entertainment has released Lost Gully Road on DVD with no menu and no features.


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