Hump Day Happy Deals Vol. 5

Welcome to Vol. 5 of Hump Day Happy Deals. For previous Happy Deals, check out the past entries.

I can’t believe it’s already been 4 weeks since I’ve started Hump Day Happy Deals and each week I keep finding more and more stuff to show off. Me thinks I spend too much… ha! Yeah, right.


Bought for $3

When did the nightmare stop for the Amityville house, so that it could continue? I don’t know, but once I read this book, I guess I’ll find out.

Synopsis: Once the Dutch Colonial
house on Ocean Avenue had been the scene of a gruesome possession that
sent it’s owners fleeing for their sanity and their lives. For years, it
had remained abandoned, without any sign of life. Then 11 year old Kooch
Webster dared his buddy Lester to sneak in the house. The harrowing
true story of a house that exuded evil and the evil that would not die.

Bought for $2

The Final Chapter. Ha, yeah right.

Synopsis: After the escape from the famous house in Amityville…. 

After the awesome exorcism told in Amityville II….

The horror returns to pursue the Lutzes and their children around the world!

The California picnic hat turned into a Hell-feast!

The flies devouring their new house, and the black cloud lifting up their car!

The ghostly, ravenous wild beasts in the streets of an Austrian City!

The hideous spirit-being that their young daughter was her friend!

The final confrontation between George & Kathy and the enemy!

Bought for $1

I feel ashamed to say this, but I have yet to watch Close Encounters of Third Kind. I own it on Blu-ray (which I bought cheap of course) and just can’t seem to find the desire to sit down and watch it. Maybe I’ll read it instead. Who knows.

Close Encounter of the First Kind: Sighting of a UFO

Close Encounter of the Second Kind: Physical evidence

Close Encounter of the Third Kind: Contact

greatest adventure had begun. The world was being readied for…Close
Encounters of the Third Kind. It meant the beginning of the most
dramatic event in the history of the world. It will lead to the
inescapable conclusion:


Bought for $1

Why yes, yet another Star Wars book to add to my ever growing collection. One day I’ll read them all, one day.

Synopsis: Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader are dead. The Empire has been toppled
by the triumphant Rebel Alliance, and the New Republic is ascendant. But
the struggle against the dark side and the Sith Order is not over. Luke
Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and their
faithful comrades have had little time to savor victory before being
called on to defend the newly liberated galaxy.

Powerful remnants
of the vanquished Empire, hungry for retaliation, are still at large,
committing acts of piracy, terrorism, and wholesale slaughter against
the worlds of the fledgling New Republic. The most deadly of these, a
ruthless legion of black-armored Stormtroopers, do the brutal bidding of
the newly risen warlord Shadowspawn. Striking from a strategically
advantageous base on the planet Mindor, they are waging a campaign of
plunder and destruction, demolishing order and security across the
galaxy–and breeding fears of an Imperial resurgence. Another reign of
darkness beneath the boot-heel of Sith despotism is something General
Luke Skywalker cannot, and will not, risk.

Mobilizing the ace
fighters of Rogue Squadron–along with the trusty Chewbacca,
See-Threepio, and Artoo-Detoo–Luke, Han, and Leia set out to take the
battle to the enemy and neutralize the threat before it’s too late. But
their imminent attack on Mindor will be playing directly into the hands
of their cunning new adversary. Lord Shadowspawn is no freshly anointed
Sith Chieftain but in fact a vicious former Imperial Intelligence
officer–and Prophet of the Dark Side. The Emperor’s death has paved the
way for Shadowspawn’s return from exile in the Outer Rim, and mastery of
ancient Sith knowledge and modern technology has given him the
capability to mount the ultimate power play for galaxy wide dominion.
Dark prophecy has foretold that only one obstacle stands in his way, and
he is ready–even eager–for the confrontation.

All the classic
heroes, all the explosive action and adventure, all the unparalleled
excitement of Star Wars come breathlessly alive as the adventures of
Luke Skywalker continue.



Not a huge deal, but I picked up the new Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th on Blu-ray, with a bonus 4 hours of extras DVD!

Synopsis: For more than thirty years, FRIDAY THE 13TH has proven to be as unstoppable at the box office as its hockey-masked villain JASON VOORHEES,
having spawned twelve feature films (and counting!), a syndicated
television series and an extensive line of books, merchandise and
collectibles. For its creators, FRIDAY THE 13TH has been anything but
“bad luck,” generating nearly $600 million in domestic box office
receipts and turning an unstoppable, machete-wielding madman into a true
pop-culture icon. Inspired by the critically-acclaimed book, CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES: THE COMPLETE HISTORY OF FRIDAY THE 13TH
takes viewers behind the mask on an epic journey into the making of the
landmark horror franchise — from its humble beginnings in 1980 at a
New Jersey summer camp to the blockbuster release of its 2009 “reboot.”
Combining hundreds of rare and never-before-seen photographs, film
clips, outtakes, archival documents, conceptual art and
behind-the-scenes footage, and featuring interviews with more than 150
cast and crew members spanning all twelve films and the television
series, CRYSTAL LAKE MEMORIES is the ultimate tribute to one of horror’s
most iconic and enduring franchises.
Bonus Features:

  • Trailers
  • Filmmaker Commentary
  • English and Spanish Subtitles
  • 2 Blu-ray and 2 DVD disc combo pack


Bought for $2


Wiki Info: Mortal Kombat: The Album is an album by The Immortals (Maurice Engelen aka Praga Khan and Oliver Adams best known for their work on the Techno/Industrial band Lords of Acid), released in 1994 to accompany the home versions of the video game Mortal Kombat.

That’s it for another Hump Day Happy Deals. I think I need to invest in some more book shelves, or start reading these damn books. As any collector knows, the fun is in the finding.

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