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Going by the title, you would think House of the Witchdoctor would be about an actual Witchdoctor. Well, if you thought that, be prepared to be disappointed for about 75 minutes of the 87-minute runtime. Instead, House of the Witchdoctor is another flick in a long line of home invasion movies, where the viewer is subjected… no, tortured and forced to watch two annoying assholes rape some women.

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The Plot Summary listed below is from their own Facebook page, but in all honesty, it’s pure baloney.

This homage to such 70s sploitation films as ”I Spit on Your Grave” and Wes Craven’s ”Last House on the Left” centers on two career criminals go on a killing spree which eventually leads them to a small rural town where a group of graduate students are staying for a week-end. When they break into the Van Hooten residence to terrorize and kill the inhabitants, they discover the house is owned by a cult leader who turns the hunters into the hunted.

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On the anniversary of her fiance’s murder at the hands of some potato sack wearing weirdos, Leslie (Callie Stephens) decides to head home for the weekend and brings along some friends to help her cope. On the way there, they run into the recently released way too early from prison Cliff Rifton (Allan Kayser) and his weirdo friend Buzz (David Willis), who are both looking to have a good time. Cliff has already murdered three people so far and when he sets his eyes on Leslie and her friends, he knows he is going to have a good time.

Leslie and her friends settle into her childhood home after her parents leave (the father is horror genre actor Bill Moseley) and it isn’t long before Cliff shows up to ruin the sexy fun times. Cue several long minutes of swearing, yelling, rape and boredom. As for the Witchdoctor, that will come into play for a few minutes at the end, but it isn’t anything special.


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  • There is a lovely helping of nudity in this movie. One scene has our lead actress Callie Stephens taking a shower and the camera literally focuses on her boobs for a few, really good seconds. Unfortunately, any sort of sensual feelings are destroyed when she starts crying in the shower as she remembers her fiance being murdered. Don’t fret though, as Emily Bennett lifts your spirits back up in an awesome sex scene. Boobies everywhere I tell you!
  • Bill Moseley has a good time near the end of the movie. It’s probably the best part of the film, save for the nudity mentioned above.
  • There are a couple of good kills in this movie, with some nice gore.


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  • Well, the acting for one is terrible. Summer Bills may look hot, but she looks like she is smelling a bad fart every two seconds. Bill Moseley’s talent is wasted, save for the end. (Is it just me or should he have been cast in the role of Buzz?).
  • David Willis is trying his hardest to channel Trevor from Grand Theft Auto V. He fails.
  • It’s just another home invasion movie.
  • The ending is ridiculous. I won’t spoil it.
  • Did I mention the acting is bad? I did? Well, it’s worth mentioning again.
  • Where is the Witchdoctor?


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House of the Witchdoctor is just another typical home invasion movie that tries to be loud, abrasive and shocking. It utterly fails. However, it does have a great helping of nudity, Bill Moseley improving things at the end and some good gore. Other than that, it’s a downer. For any fans out there, Anchor Bay Canada has released the film on DVD. It lacks special features and the video is sub par.


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