Horror Block – August Edition

I just got my first ever Horror Block in the mail today and you if you don’t know what Horror Block is, you’re in for a treat. It’s a monthly subscription service, with a price of $20+shipping, where each month you receive a mystery box full of goodies. You’re always guaranteed a custom horror shirt in your size and a mix of 4 to 6 collectibles of the horror variety. It’s pretty damn sweet and if you’re like me, the feeling of getting something in the mail each month, not knowing what’s inside, is like Christmas! As for the payment terms, your card is charged on the 10th of each month and the package is sent out the 25th of every month. If you want to know the exact specifics, check out Horror Block for more information. 

Anyway, let’s dive right into the August Edition Horror Block and check out what I got…

First up, is the sweet box that the goodies come in. Don’t mind the top of the box, as I just ripped off my address label. I don’t want you sending me free stuff or anything.

Once we crack open the box, we are treated to a lovely hashtag and finally the sweet, sweet candy we are all craving.

Like I said, you get a custom shirt each month and this month I got an awesome Alien design. Beautiful!

The Horror Block Facebook page said something was going to be Saw related and lo and behold, it’s a Jigsaw action figure from NECA. Now, I already own this figure, so that kinda sucks, but meh, it’s still awesome. As for the figure, check out my showcase on From the Basement of Tatlock.

Oh, I’m so going to be putting this zombie decal up on my car. I’ll be cruising in undead style now.

A sweet vintage (from the early 90s) Tales from the Crypt comic book in pristine condition? Groovy!

For this days when you have writers block, just pull out your bone… bone pen that is and start writing away.

A $10 Rue Morgue magazine thrown in as well! Jeeze, this keeps getting better and better. As for The Green Inferno? Hmm, jury is still out on that movie.

The last two pics show you what’s inside the box, so you know you got everything you’re supposed to get. It’s a nice thought and really helps tie this whole awesome package together in one bloody bow. 
So, is Horror Block worth the price of admission? In my useless opinion, yes!! Everything that came in the box, is definitely worth more than the asking price of $20+shipping. Yeah, you might get something you don’t want, or in my case, something you already have, but the feeling of opening up a horror themed goodies box each month, not knowing what’s inside, is definitely worth it! I’ll be continuing my subscription for sure, so remember to tune your internets to the Mind of Tatlock for the next instalment of Horror Block come the end of September. I can’t wait! 
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