Halloween III: Season of the Witch Annual Showing

Every year, for the past 7 years, my friends and I get together to watch Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Why you may be asking? For that, the only answer is “because”.

First, we started off with a viewing the movie on TV, where it was edited beyond belief. Next, I bought the DVD and finally, last year, I picked up Shout Factory’s awesome Halloween III Blu-ray and since then, I’ve been able to see Halloween III in a whole new, Tom Atkin’s clear high def ass, kind of way. My friends come over, drink and laugh at the movie, with all of them bordering on falling asleep, but to me, the movie rocks. Why? I have no idea, as for a Halloween sequel, it sucks, but as a Halloween movie, it rocks.

There isn’t much more to say about the showing, beyond that every horror fan in the existence should make sure to at least watch Halloween III every October, as I totally believe your Halloween experience wouldn’t be complete, with out some sweet Tom Atkin’s action in your life. Anyway, here are some pics from the night, with the identities of my friends blocked for safety reasons (sadly, after the viewing, no one survived and I now have a crap ton of snakes, bugs and other nasty things to clean up).






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Caffeinated Joe
9 years ago

Watching it right now on AMC's FearFest! Enjoy the party! Happy Hallowe'en!

Michael Tatlock
9 years ago

Thanks. It was a blast. 🙂

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