First Impressions: Halloween PC Game

The year is 1978 and it’s Halloween. You’re a babysitter, just looking for a little cash, so you jump at the first chance to babysit at a house on the edge of town, the town of Haddonfield. Unfortunately for you, there is a maniac on the loose and his name, is Michael Myers.

The Halloween video game comes to us from Pig Farmer Productions, for FREE and I can tell you right away, a lot of heart and soul went in to this game. You can tell that the creator is a huge fan of the Halloween movie, incorporating bits and pieces of detail in the game (loving that Night of the Living Dead nod) and the intensity is through the roof when playing. The intro blares the Halloween theme, while zooming in a lit up pumpkin and the goosebumps start rising.

The video game invokes a PSX (Playstation 1) era, echoing Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil, with the blocky graphics and tank like controls, which can take a lot to get use too, causing you to bounce in to walls and get stuck on objects. The save file system mimics Resident Evil’s typewriter system, but with a VHS Player and Tapes. The game is minimalistic on the sound, but the occasional John Carpenter inspired stingers, will keep you on the edge, especially once you run into the pure evil himself, which will then have the wonderful Halloween themes playing.

The game takes a bit to get going, with the game starting off with some standard fetching and dealing with the kid. However, once you get that out of the way and explore the house some more, the action and intensity shoots through the roof and I can’t tell you how many times the game had me jumping off my seat.

However, the game does have a few glitches and bugs to contend with. The flashlight is a little wonky when in first person view and sometimes your save file will look like it’s not showing up, which will effectively scare you as well, but if you just click the slot, it should load. Thankfully, these issues won’t drive you to stop playing, but a little more testing should be done to iron out some kinks. The game is also pretty challenging and there are times where the difficulty can become frustrating, almost to the point where you’ll want to rage quit.

I’m currently still working through the game and haven’t come to the end yet, so I won’t really call this a review per say, but more of an impression on how I’m liking the game and whether you should check it out (you should). You can definitely look to the near future for my final thoughts and review, once I build up the nerve to start the game again.

Halloween PC Game Details:

Three Camera Modes (Movie, 3rd Person, 1st Person)
Limited Ammo
VHS Mode (to capture that old school look)

Halloween is a freeware fan game (released today!) that mixes old
school survival horror games with 80s slasher flicks. Available for
Windows and Mac.
It’s Halloween Night in
Haddonfield Illinois and Sarah’s got no wheels and no plans except for
watching some old horror movies on TV. She gets a last minute call from
the Johnsons (who saw her ad at the grocery store) to babysit their son
Billy. Hoping to get $30 closer to buying a motorcycle, she gets a ride
from her Mom to their house on the outskirts of town. Little does she
know a simple night of babysitting will turn into an unspeakable
nightmare when she is terrorized by an escaped mental patient.


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Caffeinated Joe
10 years ago

Wish I liked playing these types of games, since this is based on my favorite film!

Michael Tatlock
10 years ago

It's definitely is a frustrating game, but the amount of heart and soul that went into the making, really justifies at least trying it once. 🙂

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