Your first ever picture with us!

Dear Tilly, aka Tilly-bear, Tilly-monster, Tillybackribs, The Tillster,

From the moment we set eyes on you at the SPCA, a 7-year-old young spirit, you flashed us those kind and gentle eyes, and we knew right away that it was you that we wanted. We took you for a quick walk, and you always glanced at us to make sure we were still with you, and when you played, you always wanted us to play with you. We took you home, and you immediately lit up the place and brought joy to us all, even the mean spirited cat, which you loved to torment.

I’ll never forget how you would cuddle up with me on the couch and get super annoyed and grouchy whenever Shannon touched you. I’ll never forget how happy you looked when playing, waiting to go in the car, for walks or just waiting for that awesome and yummy day old timbit at the drive thru of Tim Horton’s. How about the time you burst out of the tent door, while it was still zipped up, cause we left you alone in the dark, while we brushed our teeth. I’ll also never forget the amount of hair you shed and how we’ll still be finding clumps of you for years to come.

Most of all Tilly, I’ll never forget finding out you were sick and it was time to let you go gently into the night. I’ll never forget your face as you slowly closed your eyes and I whispered I love you one last time.

You were the best damn dog I’ll ever have, and I look forward to catching up with you in the future and maybe playing some fetch (even though you never returned the ball). Tilly, I’ll miss you forever and most of all I’ll love you forever…

From your best friend, Michael.

Tilly RIP: 2001-2013
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