The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein – Review (ReelGore Releasing Blu-ray)

No one ever sets out to make a bad movie. The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein, I’m sure, was a neat idea hatched up in the mind of director Marc Rohnstock, but the translation from paper to screen didn’t quite make the final cut in regards to quality and story. Instead, The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein is a horror film that throws any chance of a story out the window in favour of ultra-violence and ultra nudity. Clocking in a whopping 111 minutes, the film drags on way longer than it has any right to and that slowish feel results in yet another hit against the film.

I’m sure you’re thinking “Whoa Tatlock! There is tons of hardcore nudity in this flick and a shit ton of gore. How can you not like this movie!?!” Well, that’s the thing. I do like my nudity and gore, but I also get an excellent kick out of something called a plot. The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein doesn’t have a plot. Instead, it has five friends travelling the German countryside for over an hour, with interspersed gore/nudity scenes of Doctor Wolffenstein doing experiments on victims, with gory results. It takes the flick over an hour to incorporate the main characters into the “story”, and by the time that rolls around, I’ve already had my fill of the movie and just want it to end.

The film also has a weird tendency to incorporate attempts at comedic moments, which all fail to hit the appropriate mark. Plus, don’t get me started on the random injection of some weird monster that takes over bodies. The monster is never explained.

Any nudity fans out there? If you said yes, boy does this movie have a whole lot of what you want. Well, barring in mind you like porn stars and their vaginas. The film does not make any attempt to shy away from throwing a bunch of vaginas in your faces. There are moments where the camera is so close to said vaginas; I thought James Cameron was going to show up with his special submarine and start filming a deep dive expedition.

A whole lot of this!

ReelGore Releasing has had some pretty good flicks released on Blu-ray under their label (Masks, for example, was fantastic), but unfortunately, The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein is not one of those films. The Blu-ray itself fails to impress when it comes to talking about the video transfer. There are moments of what looks to be antialiasing on certain edges and the film is never sharp. The German audio fares a bit better, but the English subtitles have some spelling mistakes througout. As for features, you get some Behind the Scenes footage, a short film that was shown in the movie, a few bloopers and finally a trailer and slideshow. Not crammed full, but not empty either.

The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein is a low budget gore fest, that shows a bunch of naked women and splashes the screen with blood. It has some shoddy acting, some terrible music and the plot was nowhere to be found. The film was clearly shot a shoe-string budget, so you at least have to give props to everyone involved, as there are some cool gore gags that look great. Nevertheless, no one ever sets out to make a bad movie, but The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein ended up being just that, a bad movie.

Special Features

  • Behind The Scenes
  • Bloopers
  • Short Film
  • Trailer
  • Slideshow


RUN-TIME: 111 min
AUDIO: DTS-HD MA 5.1 Surround/Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
REGION: All Region
RELEASE DATE: Oct 25, 2016


80 years ago, the diabolical Dr. Victor Wolffenstein wanted nothing more than to be immortal. His tireless quest led him to create a vaccine that did just that, but also infected his body with a flesh-rotting form of necrosis. As the Doctor’s limbs literally fell apart, he tried to replace them by using the crudely removed arms and legs of the local villagers who, in order to stop Wolffenstein’s reign of terror, captured him and buried him alive for his crimes.

In present day, five teenagers plan to attend an out of town rave that goes awry, and end up stranded in the village, when the evil and still decaying Dr. Wolffenstein wakes up, screaming for vengeance! The unlucky teens land squarely within sight of the malevolent medic, and, with the help of his latest creation, the Infiltrator, Dr. Wolffenstein lures them to his secret hideaway with the intention of curing his necrosis and ending his Curse once and for all. Will anyone survive Wolffenstein’s skin melting, limb-hacking Wrath?

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