Chop 10: Stupid Things Victims Do In Horror Movies

Have you ever had that feeling like you should go check out that strange noise outside? Does your sense of balance suddenly stop working when you’re running for your life? What about that stabbing desire to split up and go your separate ways, when you know fair well that a killer is on the loose? If you’ve experienced any of these stupid things, you may just be a victim of…Stupid Things Victims Do In Horror Movies

10) I just keep falling for you…

This is for all the stumblers out there. Please for the love of god, pick up your feet when you’re running.

9)  Don’t worry, I stabbed him once. I think we’re good here. Move along!

Yeah, cause that always works!

8) Oh, you stabbed him, then just throw that weapon away!

Of course, after that one stab, it’s best to throw your weapon on the ground next to the killer.

7) *Snap* What was that? I better check it out.

6) “John, you go down that creepy dark hallway. Jane, you better check out that torture chamber. As for me, I’ll see what’s in the basement.”

5) Stop going back to the same location where several murders have already happened, more than once a year, by the same killer.

4) Thinking the killer is just a friend playing a joke on you.

3) Man, it’s really dark in here, if only there was an invention which produced a light of some sort.

2) Stepping around, over or near the killer when he or she is unconscious on the floor.

1) Having sex. I know, sucks don’t it.


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