Chop 10: Halloween Michael Myers Kills

What? You thought the month of October was going to go by and a Chop 10 for Michael Myers kills was not going to appear on this wonderful site? Well, you were almost right, as I completely forgot to do this ’til now. But don’t fret my dedicated and loyal readers, I have come through and present you with, Chop 10: Halloween Michael Myers Kills and remember folks, tons of spoilers await you by reading on…

10: El Douche meets his end (Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers)

This guy was a big douche and I think we can all agree that we probably all cheered when Michael first scratches his car and then proceeds to ram a gardening tool into his head.


9: A slight neck adjustment (Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers)

It’s a quick kill, but it looked extremely painful. I have to give it to Michael, when someone is in his way, he doesn’t mess around.


8: Electricity and water make head go boom! (Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers)

A truly hilarious kill, but one that for some reason I just love. It may be cheesy, but you can’t deny how truly great that kill is.


7: Opening the airway (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers)

A nice and graphic kill, is all that needs to be said on this one.


6: You’ll just feel a small pinch (Halloween II)

I love how this scene is shot with him slowly appearing from behind, before jamming the needle in. Her widening eye shows how shocked she truly was.


5: A steamy scene (Halloween II)

Minus the fact that for some reason Michael’s hand doesn’t get scalded by the water, this is a pretty graphic and painful looking scene.


4: Michael’s first kill (Halloween)

A wonderfully suspense filled scene and Michael’s first kill. The idea to disguise who the killer was
’til the very end of the scene, was perfect and really managed to shock audiences when it was revealed that it was a small boy.


3: He truly got her ghost (Halloween)

A true classic and iconic scene. Michael wearing the sheet with Bob’s glasses (see next kill on the list), slowly lumbering towards Lynda, with her back turned and the creepy music playing, make this a top 3 kill.


2: Bob, the human pin cushion (Halloween)

Another iconic scene from Halloween, which like my next kill on the list, shows how strong and evil Michael is. The added tilt of the head, make this scene one that will be remembered for a life time.


1: An uplifting experience, brought to you by Michael Myers (Halloween II)

I love this one. It shows his pure evil strength and with the little added shot of the shoes falling to the floor, makes this my number one favourite Michael Myers kill.


Honourable Mentions (because 10 is never enough):

Hmm, wasn’t my car locked? (Halloween)

I bring this down into honourable mentions, as I do love the kill, but feel that it just wasn’t as good as some of the ones listed above.


No, she wouldn’t do that… holy crap, she did! (Halloween: H20)

Not a Michael Myers kill, but one that made my jaw drop when I saw it in theatre. Too bad they had to go ahead and ruin it by making an awful sequel.


A reason to stab first and check later (Halloween: Resurrection)

Speaking of the awful sequel, the only kill that is at least worth mentioning, the death of Laurie Strode.


Grunt, grunt, ahhh, grunt, ahhh, grunt!!! (Rob Zombie’s Halloween II)

I had to at least put one kill down from the remakes, so I decided to go with this brutal scene from Halloween II.



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