Check out these Awesome Halloween Short Films!

I’ve been on a kick recently watching Halloween short films on YouTube and boy, are there some real gems out there, which brings me to this quick post. I wanted to share with you my visitors, some pretty darn good short (well, shortish, as each is around an hour long) films, that I absolutely thought were brilliant, especially given the fact that these two shorts had only weeks to write, film and edit.

First up we have Halloween: Resurgence and according to the YouTube summary, “Our fan submission to a festival that never happened. Written in a week, shot over 10 days – with 5 crew members and only the money for equipment and food – edited over 3 weeks and another week to compose the music.” That’s pretty damn impressive. See for yourself below…

The next one I wanted to show you is called Halloween Revenge of the Sandman and according to their YouTube summary, “Halloween Revenge of the Sandman is a fan film which pays homage to the Halloween Michael Myers franchise. Created for the Trancas / fan contest (which was cancelled by the studio) Revenge of the Sandman brings a new twist to the terrifying world of Michael Myers.

Created from concept to completion in just 36 days Revenge of the Sandman is a high energy fan film made for the fans of the Halloween franchise. Enjoy the film.”

If anyone else has any good Halloween shorts to show, please comment below with the link and I’ll be sure everyone gets to know about them and see them. Thanks! 

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