Star Wars: Dark Disciple (Book Review)

We all can agree that it was a sad day when it was announced that The Clone Wars TV show was being cancelled. It’s a brilliant show, with some amazing stories, and it really made the prequels that much better; we all can agree, the prequels need all the help they can get. Thankfully, when the new Canon was established, The Clone Wars was considered canon, so the ideas and stories behind that series could be expanded upon in future books. Star Wars: Dark Disciple is such as book, written by Christie Golden, who wrote a few novels in the Fate of the Jedi series. Originally, the story was going to be done for the show, but when it was cancelled, it never came to be, until now. Featuring the cocky Jedi Quinlan Vos and the sexy former Sith apprentice Asajj Ventress, Dark Disciple is a riveting tale of undercover espionage, assassination attempts, redemption, love, and heartbreak. It’s a thought provoking journey in the Star Wars universe and it’s one book that The Clone Wars fans need to read…

Publication: July 7th, 2015
Pages: 336

When I started reading Dark Disciple, I had yet to finish The Clone Wars TV series (don’t worry, I’m quickly working my way through Season 5 right now,) so a lot of the ideas in this book were what I would consider spoilers for people who are behind on the TV series. Now, they aren’t huge spoilers, but I wanted to warn you that events in this book are jumping points for several things that happened near the end of Season 4, so if you haven’t got up to that point in the TV show, you are forewarned some things are going to get spoiled for you. With that out of the way, what is the book all about.

The yellow striped face Jedi Quinlan Vos is the cocky, undercover Jedi, always risking his life. First seen in a quick few seconds of The Phantom Menace, and expanded on in the show, Vos is the Jedi you go to when things that a normal Jedi might not be able to do. The assassination of Dooku for example is such a thing that Vos is perfect for. However, he can’t see to it on his own, so he is tasked to team up with the beautiful and deadly Asaji Ventress, who has entered the world of bounty hunting. Vos is to team up with Ventress, earn her trust, and work with her to take down Dooku. Seems easy enough, except Vos and Ventress form a strong connection and the task at hand becomes increasingly more difficult, and the path to the Dark Side becomes ever so close to taking over Vos for good.

Without spoiling anything more of the story, that’s all I can tell you. I can however tell you that the books is a fantastic page turner. I blazed through it in no time, just itching to keep the story going. The relationship between Vos and Ventress was a delight to read, and see developed. Seeing even more of Ventress’ character, and developing her into a more feeling human, unlike the stoic murder machine we are use to seeing, was wonderful.

Fans of certain characters might feel left out, as Anakin is pushed to the back burner, which honestly is never a bad thing, and Kenobi is only in the book to help with Vos, and keep him in line. Later on in the book, we get to see the three teamed up for a few missions, but this is primarily a Vos and Ventress affair. Quick note though, is it just me, or is Windu a big time jerk? I honestly can’t stand him and he comes off as such a pain in the neck, with an attitude of having something stuck up his butt.

Star Wars: Dark Disciple is continuing the trend of amazing stories in the new line of Canon books. This one probably ranks up quite high on my list, as it ties in with the amazing The Clone Wars quite a bit and allows that tremendous show to live on in book form. If you decide to get the book, which you obviously should, prepare to be put through a plethora of emotions, as this is one story that goes straight for the hearts of Star Wars fans.

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