Carrie (2002 TV Movie) (Blu-ray / Movie Review)

*NOTE* This Blu-ray disc comes in a two pack with the sequel to The Rage: Carrie 2, released by Scream Factory*

After putting in the second half of the Carrie Double Feature from Scream Factory, I can safely say that this TV version of Carrie was a big waste of time. I really don’t understand the need for it and well, I guess the same could be said for the newer remake as well, but that’s whole different review. Released in 2002, starring Angela Bettis as Carrie White, this TV version runs a whopping 132 minutes and doesn’t do anything really new that the ’76 version didn’t already do. I know it was made for a new generation of people, as the trailer will tell you, but why? Can kids not watch a ’70s movie? Are they incapable of sitting through something that may or may not be dated? Jeez, kids these days. Actually, no I take that back. It’s not the kids fault, but movie producers who are out of touch with people. That’s who the real problem lays with. Anyway, I’m getting off topic. Let’s get back to Carrie, the unnecessary TV remake.


RUN-TIME: 132 / 105 min
AUDIO: DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0, DTS 2.0
RATING: Various



Angela Bettis (May) stars in this 2002 adaptation of Stephen King’s classic tale of horror and retribution, featuring eye-popping special effects and a shocking, all-new twist ending! Carrie White (Bettis) is a lonely, awkward teenage girl who just doesn’t fit in. At school, she endures her classmates’ constant ridicule, and at home she suffers endless psychological torture at the hands of her fanatically religious mother (Patricia Clarkson, Six Feet Under). But Carrie has a secret. She’s been cursed with the terrifying power of telekinesis. And when her tormenters commit an act of unforgivably cruel humiliation at the prom, they’ll soon learn a deadly lesson. Taking its inspiration from King’s book rather than the original film, Carrie was written by Bryan Fuller (TV’s Hannibal, Pushing Daisies) and stars Emilie de Ravin (Lost), Katharine Isabelle (See No Evil 2, Ginger Snaps) and Chelan Simmons (Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil).


As you can tell from my extended opening, the Carrie TV remake was a big waste of time in my useless opinion. I’m not saying that it’s a terrible movie or that it ruins the original. In fact, the movie isn’t that bad to be perfectly honest. Angela Bettis does a pretty good job at playing the quirky, loner who is always getting picked on. She fits into the role way better than Chloë Grace Moretz did in the new remake. (I’m sorry, Chloë Grace Moretz isn’t an unattractive woman, no matter how matted you make her hair look.) The infamous prom scene is a lot of fun and the destruction is pretty massive, even if the CGI looks dated. Also, I rather enjoyed the added scenes of Detective John Mulchaey (David Keith) investigating the aftermath of the prom. It’s a neat idea that you didn’t see in the other versions. Was it needed? Probably not, but it was still cool to watch.

The biggest problem with this remake is that it doesn’t offer anything amazingly new (and no the Detective scenes don’t count as amazingly new) that we haven’t already seen in the first movie or the book. Add on the long runtime, you get a boring time ahead of you if you’ve seen or read the story of Carrie before. Top it all off with a very cheap looking feel to it, where everything has this weird glow, you got a movie that has a lot to prove, but fails big time.


Scream Factory was nice enough to offer Carrie on its own disc in this double feature. It sadly doesn’t come with many special features. It features a commentary from Director David Carson and a trailer. That’s it. The video is okay looking, but as I said, the movie just looks cheap. Surprisingly, though, the movie is not Full Frame as the back cover would have you believe. It actually filled the screen and was a nice surprise. The audio features two options, English 5.1 DTS-HD MA and English 2.0 DTS-HD MA. Nothing special going on with the audio in this one, but I didn’t notice any issues either.


  • NEW Audio Commentary With Director David Carson
  • Trailer




Carrie the TV version is not a bad movie, it just isn’t needed. It’s cheap looking and runs way too long to be worth a watch. I’m sure when it was aired on TV, the added commercial breaks probably helped with this, but with it all together as one, it really shows you how boring the movie is overall. Angela Bettis does do a good job as Carrie White, but even she couldn’t compare or compete with the amazing Sissy Spacek. I say stick with the original, but keep the second disc The Rage: Carrie 2 in this Scream Factory Double Feature.



This rating is for the movie. The Scream Factory disc doesn’t have any issues, besides a lack of real meaty features.

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