BBC’s Sherlock. Exciting TV!

I’ve just finished up episode 2 of the BBC series Sherlock, titled The Blind Banker and I have to say it’s a wonderful show. Episodes come in at roughly 1 1/2 hours, so an average movie length. It stars Benedict Cumberbatch (by his name, I assume he had cruel parents), as Sherlock Holmes. Martin Freeman, plays Sherlock’s friend, Dr. John Watson. You may know Freeman from the UK series, The Office (not to be confused with the long running and should be taken out back and shot, US The Office).

Each episode is a self contained story, with overarching plot connections. For example, a mysterious figure has a hand in each villains scheme (goes by the initial M, I presume you can guess who that is).

I would definitely recommend giving it a watch as it is constantly full of action, humour and drama. You can catch Series 1 of Sherlock on Netflix Canada and Series 2 is yet to appear.

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11 years ago

I too like BBC Sherlock.

Check out my review .


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