Basket Case 2 & 3 – Quick Review (Synapse Films Blu-ray)

The Basket Case Trilogy was three films that I never got around to seeing. They were always pushed to the back burner. Fortunately, this website gives me a lot of opportunities to finally delve into those films I’ve always been meaning to watch. Synapse Films has released Basket Case 2 and 3 on a some truly wonderful looking Blu-rays, but the films themselves are definitely flicks for people who love low brow cheesy humor, much like Troma films. Some people will fall in love and others will scoff and roll their eyes on these films. I, personally fall squarely in the middle. I didn’t love the movies, but I appreciated what they were going for and do see the appeal.

Basket Case 2 Plot Summary

Duane Bradley and his surgically-separated twin brother Belial return in this frightfully gory follow-up to Frank Henenlotter’s original monster movie classic, BASKET CASE. After surviving a fall from a hospital window, the two brothers become media targets. Duane’s aunt, Granny Ruth (played by world-famous Jazz singer Annie Ross), whisks the duo away to a secluded mansion, where other freaks-in-hiding live out their days away from public scrutiny. When a snooping tabloid reporter finds the location of the mutants, Duane and his new family must stand together to keep their freedom a secret. And, in all the chaos, Belial might actually find true love!
Synapse Films is proud to present BASKET CASE 2 in a beautiful high-definition transfer from the original 35mm camera negative.

Basket Case 3 Plot Summary


He’s back. He’s bad. And, he’s a dad! Belial, everyone’s favorite beast-in-a-basket, is back in this sensational third film in the wildly macabre BASKET CASE horror series.
After being separated again from his conjoined twin brother Duane (Kevin Van Hentenryck), Belial finds out he’s going to be a deformed daddy! Mrs. Belial (“Eve”, played by Denise Coop) delivers a litter of bouncing baby monsters, but the blessed event turns into a nightmarish ordeal when the police kidnap the little critters. They should know it’s not safe to anger Belial! Attacking the cops in a climactic, gory rampage, everyone’s favorite mutant mauler stops at nothing to get his newborns back!

Synapse Films is proud to present BASKET CASE 3: THE PROGENY in a beautiful high-definition transfer from original 35mm vault materials


This really isn’t much of a review, as I really don’t have much to say about these flicks. The biggest issue I had with the films, with both of them pretty much playing out the same, is the lack of good-hearted characters. The main character of Duane is a butthole, who allows his brother Belial to freely murder people. Most of the people that die aren’t really that bad, unless you count wearing white sneakers and white socks with a power suit/dress combo. The only good thing I can say about this movie is the special effects are pretty sweet looking.

Blu-ray Opinion

As for the Blu-rays from Synapse Films, the films have most likely never looked better. The video transfer is definitely fantastic looking, which finally gives the viewer a chance to really check out some pretty gnarly prosthetic work. The features, on the other hand, are definitely lacking, which is a damn shame. The Basket Case 2 Blu-ray comes with a quick interview and an older featurette. Basket Case 3 has no big features, only a trailer.


Basket Case 2 Blu-ray

  • The Man In The Moon Mask – Featurette
  • Beyond The Wicker Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

Basket Case 3 Blu-ray

  • Trailer


Frankly, it’s completely understandable that these Blu-rays wouldn’t be brimming with features, as there really isn’t much to say about them. They are low budget, Troma-esque creature features with barely a plot. Nevertheless, the price is pretty damn right for the video transfer alone, so why not pick them up.

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