American Mary Movie Review

ZZZzzzzzzzzz….. Oh sorry! I must have been bored and fell asleep. On with the review!!

Release: Jan 11th, 2013
Rating: R   
Run time: 103 mins  
Starring: Katharine Isabelle, Antonio Cupo 
Director: Jen Soska, Sylvia Soska 

Short nitty-gritty plot description from IMDb is as follows: The allure of easy money sends Mary Mason, a medical student, into the world of underground surgeries which ends up leaving more marks on her than her so called “freakish” clients.

Tatlock’s Quick ‘n Dirty Review: The Twisted Twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska are becoming more and more well known among genre fans, but I’d be arsed to tell you what else they did besides American Mary, a movie that sadly lacks any sort ‘oomph’ to keep me awake. It’s all just rather long and boring.

The one and only thing that stands out, is Katharine Isabelle performance. She does a wonderful job as the titular character and looks good throughout, but besides that, everything else is pretty iffy. At first, I was really getting into the movie, but suddenly after a sudden rape scene, the movie shifts in tone an style and any sort of structure of a story is being thrown out the window. Characters are coming and going left and right, the Twisted Twins show up to prove they really can’t act and as for me, I’m just greatly disappointed and would rather not waste much more of my time with this one.

Verdict: Watch it for Katharine Isabelle and not much else. It goes way too schizophrenic come the middle half and the Twisted Twins shove themselves into the story for some odd reason, which really drags down the movies quality, especially when it feels like they are just patting each other on their back for being so weird and Xtreme!!



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