A Short Life in a State of Decay: Sadie Diary Entry #2

These found diaries are first hand accounts (i.e. lots of spoilers) of
what happened when the world went into a State of Decay…

Sadie Diary Entry #2: Time to move on.

Alan is dead. Shit, shit, shit! He started feeling sick today and after the crazy situation with the Pastor, we knew it was time he needed to be taken care of. So it was up to me to walk him out to the secluded area, like some sick dog and put him down. He didn’t resist, but it didn’t make it any easier. What the hell has this world come to!?!

Damn those Wilkersons’ boys! It seems they have been causing some more trouble, as I had to drive up there and drive a badly beaten man, by the name of Sam, home. Those bastards are going to get their just desserts, I can tell you that and it won’t be the zombies that are going to kill them!

It’s time to move! I talked with Maya and she told me about a factory building in Marshall and I agree with her. So after collecting enough materials, it was time to go. The place is huge and it’s going to take some doing to guard it all, but you know what, it’s better than the cramped church.

This may be my last diary entry, as I’m becoming more and more busy with supply runs. Hopefully this will end soon…

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